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Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday the 13th...You don't scare me!

Corona Virus, self isolation, travel restrictions,  Friday the 13th...
Oh my gosh, not to mention no toilet paper to be had!
They are trying to make us all a little "CRAZY"
I say just step back and Get Over It.
The actual "Get Over It Day" was March 9, but with what's going on in the world,
maybe it "should" be month long!
It's a lot to deal with and nothing any of us are loving, but we will survive this.
We need to muster up any humor we have,
 and do it with grace to keep ourselves sane.
(And those around us, from not wanting to kill us!)
tee hee hee
Today is "Donald Duck Day" and if that doesn't make you smile...
I know Disney is closed too, but that just gives us all time to create
 our own fun times.
365 silly holidays will continue to keep me busy, here.
Best yet...the QQQ "Making Us Laugh" Blog hop starts next Wednesday.
Timing is everything!

Check out my daily posts for 365 silly holidays on my Instagram and Facebook
pages. Better yet, create something yourself and share with us all.

til next time...
keep on stitchin'


  1. Love it! Hubby and I made the choice to no longer listen to the wall to wall news on TV. It’s non stop talk about one subject only. Honestly, how many times are they going to repackage it?

    We do catch up on line with iPad but then We control the narrative. So far, many previous ‘Flu’ outbreaks have been so much worse than this but we never knew it at that time. So for now, we are continuing to live as usual. And I realize that is a choice each person and family needs to make a choice for themselves. Aside note, I am a Registered Nurse with almost of my 52 year career done in hospitals.

  2. Yeah, we will need something to make us laugh just now. The world is crazy, but I'm looking forward to the blog hop next week. Have a nice weekend in isolation.

  3. The guy blowing in the paper bag....expresses the situation to a tee.

  4. I'm looking forward to the QQQ blog hop!! I came up with another funny thing to make...timing is perfect!!!

  5. Well we had to cancel a Disney trip for next week but I think I have enough fabric stashed in my sewing room to get me through this current issue. Hope we don't have to cancel the next one. My honey won't be worth living with. Disney+ will only go so far. Maybe I can teach him to quilt. Ha Ha Ha

  6. BEST one yet I've seen on FB is " All of you who are panic buying make sure you stock up on condoms so you don’t produce any more freaking idiots " I'm on the other side of the coin because for over 20 years my pulmonary doctor told me to wear a mask in the winter-1. the cold air hurts my lungs 2. to cut down the risk of getting cold and flu germs. Well know I go through the 3rd degree at all doctor offices because some dr said don't wear a mask unless you're infected. I have to take my Mom and brother to their dr visits-believe I would rather stay home. Of course I told the dr the lady at the front desk is spewing out Lisa ___ address, date of birth, insurance info. An identity thief would love it! Did HIPPA go out the window with this virus? Why have us read 5 pages of crap and sign it if you're office is going to ignore following it? It was the ugliest visit yet. Yeah, I was a bit grumpy and I'm sure I left behind a bunch of grumpy people. But just because someone is wearing a mask don't assume it's because of all this hype which didn't happen with bird or swine flu. That's why I do believe it's political garbage. I'm not superstitious as I've been known to walk under a ladder or two. I have more visits next week, will be interesting.

  7. So many things are closing, I guess I will have to stay home and quilt -- oh well:)
    Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  8. Fortunately we don’t listen to the news, preferring to read it, and honestly I spend more time on blogs than the news. My metric is to see the cases and how that climbs or changes with the isolation. The food/supplies thing is truly annoying. We don’t keep a lot extra, but we’ll see how this goes. Looking forward to the hop this week!

  9. Those made my smile and I'm dying to make some .... Thanks for a smile after all this ....

  10. Thanks for keeping us entertained and grounded.
    Today surprised me in the supermarkets. The shelves were stripped bare of fruit and veg. How are people going to hoard that? just shook my head and laughed.


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