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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Happy Birthday Baby and a Little Mask Secret

There's a celebration going on!
This week is birthday week at Thermoweb.
You can find all kinds of fun ideas to make anyone's birthday special.
There are cards, and banners, decorations and more...

I've combined my love of applique with these cute bibs, 
to celebrate baby's first birthday.
It's easy, using the free patterns for the bib and the applique.
Check out my post on the Thermoweb Blog
This is now my GO-TO fusible.
I love the weight of this product and how it stays so soft.

EZ Print sheets run through any printer and make tracing a thing of the past.
If you love applique like I do, you can also find Featherlite in a
35 yard bolt or a 75 yard roll HERE... now that's what I'm talking about!
Did you know that Therm O Web in working with the Masks Now Coalition, 
has developed a sew in interfacing?
You can check that out
Pssst: they have free shipping on orders of $25 in the continental US.

Speaking of masks...
I stumbled on something last week while making masks for
 our drive thru baby shower.
I am not a fan of the elastic over the ears thing.
Maybe its because I have Dumbo ears already...
So when my son came home with a mask that had just 1 tie,
I knew that was for me. I don't know about you, 
but all that tying stuff makes me crazy.
So I set out to try this new method, with a little help from some Facebook friends.
While I working on it, I had a eureka moment!
Cord Locks
You can wear the mask hanging upside down on your chest, and when you need to 
put it on, just flip it up over your mouth and nose and slide the cord lock tight.
This can be done on any style mask, by attaching a casing on either side
 of your mask, to run the tie through. You will want to make your ties 
about 54" long and much skinnier to get them through the cord locks.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I've made hundreds of masks with one strap. It really cuts down on the time to make and is more comfortable. I also began using t-shirt material for the tie - it is super comfortable. Just cut 1" strips across the body of an XL t-shirt. Snip to make the strip one long piece. Pull so the sides of the strip curl. And it's done! ~Jeanne

  2. The baby bibs are so cute. Lots of fun. And now you have them ready to use in 12 months time!
    Smart thinking on the masks, too. Very creative.

  3. Cute bibs! I had that ah ha moment in early March when I made my husband a mask. I used 2 cord locks and 2 shoe laces. I hadn't seen anyone do it before I did. I posted it on my blog too. The shoe laces make it easier to get in the cord locks. See mine here: https://patchouli-moon-studio.blogspot.com/2020/03/cloth-mask.html

  4. Great idea!!! I have the cordlocks and I have cording and I have shoelaces. Only problem is ... dummy that I am, how does one wear this? I get the first part of it around the neck, but when you flip it up over your face, where does that cord land around your head? THANKS!!! Cute bibs ... can only imagine the wardrobe of bibs that you as Grandma-In-Waiting are creating as you sit and wait! One for every day?? :)

    1. To wear with a single loop/tie, pull the bottom loop out as far as you can and place it at the back of your neck with the mask on your chest. Pulling on the top loop, tighten the mask up to your chin and then the top loop or ties go to the top of your head, slightly to the back. The top ties end up crossing my face around the same place the arms of my glasses touch my ears. This is the most comfortable design I've used and the one I'm going to stick with now - it is also best for eyeglass and hearing aid wearers.
      I've used lengths of t-shirt "yarn" tied at the top and single loops of elastic (~30") for one piece ties on masks. I sew a fitted mask design, but the casing by the ears is the same idea. /Cathy

  5. These baby bibs are such a fun and very cute idea.

  6. The bibs are adorable. Nifty mask tie idea


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