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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Boo Sheet


           Yes, you read it right, and it pretty much sums up how most of us are feeling 
this year!

Covid has done it's best to zap our joy...but we aren't letting it get away unnoticed!
This little 21" x 21" quiltie will keep those memories alive for many years to come.
Hopefully that's not how long we are dealing with this stuff!

Using  HeatNBond®EZ Print Lite takes all the tracing work out of  your project.
Just pop a sheet in your printer and your ready to go.
All the pieces will print on just 1 sheet.
So grab your scraps and download your free pattern

What you gonna do, but laugh?

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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Ha ha!!!! But you have to admit 2020 was a great year for you because it brought you that sweet granddaughter into your life! There is always a silver lining. :0)

  2. You are so right!!! It is not anything like we thought it would be. Heading to my scan n cut later today....might have to whip up a few for some good friends.

  3. That is so cute Joan! I found the house of my dreams so it hasn't been an entirely bad year. I told Builder Bob I want an old truck in the front yard like the car you have in your yard.

  4. Oh my!! You are so right on with this!! This is definitely a year we won't forget anytime soon. Love it. Thanks for the pattern. You do have that sweet baby girl that came this year, though. Unfortunately, my 11 YO granddaughter was diagnosed with CRMO this year too, but we are hoping she will go into remission with her current naproxen regimen and not have to go on methotrexate. Now one of the twins is complaining of pain and having some swelling in his joints as well. It's definitely been a crazy year.

  5. I love Boo Sheets! And I don't know if I can wait for what is to come in March. Thank you for all of the great projects you send our way. Thank you so much!!!
    Carol O

  6. Thank you for the pattern. It sure sums up this year right. I joined the group as soon as I heard about it. I'm working on some Halloween stuff but nothing completed yet. Had to stop and make a couple of toilet paper minis to commemorate the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.

  7. What a great way to show what this year has been like.

  8. This quilt is wonderfully delightful for Halloween 2020! Each witch is adorable. Each mode of transportation is so fun. Maybe during a sewing break the girls could get together and put a hex on the 2020 spell we are under...P L E A S E !!!

    1. (Sorry, I don’t know how my comment flipped from the quilt post to this post??? Me and blogger don’t always get along well.)


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