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Thursday, October 29, 2020

It's Creepy and It's Spooky!

Need a quick little Halloween cheer?
This little mugrug has a pocket that you can slip your silverware into, along with a napkin, a note or even a little treat. Perfect for everyone young or old.

You can download the free pattern 

This is just one of the "Wicked Wednesday" projects you can find on
 the "Cackling Stitches" Facebook group. 
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Cheers...let the Halloween festivities begin!

til next time...
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  1. Such a creepy, cute project! Brightened my day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is wonderful. I can see that one being adapted for all sorts of celebrations, too. Love it.

  3. Creepy and cute idea, which is a scary thought! Thanks!

  4. That's sew cute, Joan!! Now I have an earworm! LOL

  5. That is too spookin cute. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Hope your halloween was full of treats and not so many tricks.

  6. Super cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern! Somehow I missed it in the Cackling group so it's nice that you post here, too.


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