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Monday, March 22, 2021

Salt and Sand Blog Hop

Oh, I am so dreaming about salt and sand right now...and not the kind I needed a week ago. With our big storm, we needed all the salt and sand we could get, just to clear a path. It ended up being the 4th biggest storm in state history and my car looked like a giant snow cone! I had to shovel a 4' drift, just to dig it out.

Dreaming of this blog hop is what got me through it all.
My  project for this hop, is a pattern called Sea Shells, by 

I raided my hand painted fabrics for the backgrounds.
There was even salt and some sand used in the process.

Years ago I took a 2 day class on fabric painting. We used Jacquard Lumiere and Pebeo Setacolor paints. If you look closely you can see little dots. Those were created by the salt. It as a very interesting process, but collectively the class decided that I have absolutely no sense of color. While everyone was getting beautiful color fabrics, and mine were all these drab gray green things.
Who knew that eventually there would be a project they would work in.
The timing for this hop couldn't have been better. I just bought a new sewing machine with a stitch regulator and I needed to play. This sampler was a perfect place to do just that. Since I was just playing I even dug out some of those goofy stencils that you chalk onto your fabrics. While I'm in love with my new Bernina, I'm foiled again...just because I have the toys, doesn't mean I'm a pro at anything!
I see a lot more practicing in my future!
Back to that storm though...with being stuck at home, I had time to do another 
project for this hop. This one's been in my "must do" pile for quite some time.

It's definitely a little more on the "Salty" side.
In fact, you can probably hear the song...

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me.
We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot,
Drink up me 'earties, yo ho...

If you have ever been to a Disney park and ridden the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you know just what I'm talking about. LOL!!

This twin size quilt is "Fishy, Fishy Fishy" from the "Red Boot Quilt Company"
I just love all the little sea life creatures and the bright colors.
Heck even that pirate ship and of course "baby shark" (do do do do do do...)
Let that song, get in your head for the rest of the day!
If you love the pattern as well, it's on sale until midnight March 26. That is Australia time and they are a day ahead of us here in the US. Hurry on over  HERE  to find the pattern.

Thanks Carol for hosting this sandy and salty hop for us.
I had the best time stitching for it.

Please visit my fellow bloggers today and check out their Salt and Sand projects.
Leave them a little love, too. Sweet comments make our hearts grow warmer.
Just like laying on the beach, soaking up the rays!


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  1. I hope you get to feel much warmer very soon. We are moving into cooler days and I am missing Summer already.
    Lovely choice of both quilts. The sea shells are perfect with your background. You are right about the colours working so well.
    And of course the undersea creatures are lots of fun In Fishy, Fishy.
    A great start to your hop!

  2. Holy cow, that's a lot of snow! I can see why you are thinking about salt and sand. Love your Fishy, Fishy, Fishy quilt. The sand dollars are gorgeous in your other quilt. Nicely done as always.

  3. Ugh so much snow! Both of your quilts are fantastic, but I really love the sea shells one. The colors and the fabric are just perfect.

  4. Beautiful quilts! My fav is the sea shells, and I like the painted fabric!


  5. What fun you’ve had with snow! I do hope it is finished for the year in my area. It’s pretty, but can be a lot of work too.
    Your quilts are terrific! Love the sampler of seashells. How great that your painted fabric was perfect for the background. Fishy, fishy, fishy is really a fun quilt with all the above and below water activity. It’s great fun to go deeper and deeper in your quilty scene. We were on the same wavelength somewhat for a salty idea...you’ll see tomorrow.

    1. Sorry for the space above and below my comment...the comment section keeps crashing on me.

  6. Wow, Joan, awesome quilts! I love the serenity of the seashells--fabulous!--and the playfulness of Fishy! Hope your snow is gone by now!

  7. Your quilts are lovely. The second one looks so cheerful and lovely as if all the creatures are dancing. Don't stop playing around and trying new things. You only have to learn and grow...not win a contest!!

  8. I love your hand painted fabric. My favorite thing to do in my Fiber art classes in college was dying, discharging and painting the fabric we were going to use for our projects. I never used salt while dying fabric but I have used it in watercolor art and I love the crystal look it gives.

  9. Beautiful quilts! The hand-dyed fabric is perfect for this pattern. I love seashells, so I love this quilt. Thank you for sharing in the blog hop. my friend ... :) Pat

  10. You've been very busy. Both are terrific projects for this hop. Thanks for sharing.

  11. A snow cone car is quite the novelty but a little too icy for me. That is a lot of snow! You definitely made use of your snowed in time with all those fishy projects. I think your dyed fabric is beautiful, but I like subdued colors like that. The stitch regulator on my Bernina doesn't really like me so I understand what you're saying. Because of you, I'll be singing yo-ho, do-do-do, and maybe a bit of Sponge Bob in there, too. LOL I love all your projects and can feel the salty wind on my face already. Thanks for sharing! xo

  12. Love both quilts! The sea shells are soft and pretty. The pirate quilt is so bright and cheery and fun. And I can't believe all that snow! Down here in the south if it ever snows its gone in 20 minutes. I can't imagine having to dig my car out of that. Wowza!

  13. I love your seashells quilt! Pretty designs! I, too, am dreaming of some sand and salt water while waiting for this snow to melt.

  14. Adorable projects! I love both of them! I think your dying of the fabrics is perfect for the shell piece! Thanks for the link to the Fishy, Fishy, Fishy. I have got to get that! Thanks again for having such lovely projects!

  15. Your projects are SEW different from one another, Joan, but equally appropriate for the Hop. Well done!!

  16. TWO fabulous projects, no surprise there! Both are wonderful, thanks for sharing them and the source of patterns. Your car photo is amazing! I think I would have left it to melt.

  17. Oh my. That's a lot of snow. We've come out the other side of ours, and all mine is melted now. Fabric dyeing is the first class I want to take whenever things get back to normal. Beautiful workmanship on both projects. I particularly like the sand dollar.

  18. Oh, your Sea Shells and your painted background are awesome but it's the Pirate ☠ Life for me. You always make me smile. Out here on the high plains we received no snow, but oh that wind.

  19. All adorable projects, Hmm, I think the class opinion of your fabric couldn't be more wrong, I love it and it was perfect for this hop.

  20. Love both of these quilts! So fun!

  21. cute project, we haven't gotten any snow yet this year, well a dusting, but that's all, my kids really wanted it.

  22. I love ALL your gorgeous fishy projects!

  23. Love your quilts! AND now I need to try salt on painted fabric...I love it on watercolor paper! Have fun with the stitch regulator....whenever I put my BSR foot on my machine it just wants to go go go! I can almost here my Bernina say "yippee" whenever I put on that BSR foot!

  24. Where to begin.... first I love your fabric it's perfect for this hop, next that snow drift - oh my.
    My brain is now fighting over which song to sing for the rest of the evening. That last quilt is magnificent. But just to get back at you for the songs... We are going to Disney World on Monday for the first time in just over a year. Michael cancelled 8 trips last year. We are all vaccinated and have packed many, many masks. Wish you were here, really, really, really.


  25. Your poor car looks like it was attacked by a Mr Whippy ice-cream machine. If only that snow really was ice-cream. Hopefully the worst of the weather is now behind you and it's all sunshine and warm days ahead.

    I love both of your quilts and yes as soon as I read the words to that song, I was transported back to sitting in a boat on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

  26. Beautiful projects - all wonderful. Loved your first one where you used your special fabric. Red Boot does have wonderful patterns. Hope sand and beaches will be more your style (NO More SNOW) as we head toward warmer temps. (Loved the picture you shared of your car. Shoveling wouldn't have been fun but at least you knew that soon the warmer weather would help to melt it.)

  27. All so amazing. I really love all of your projects.

  28. Oh, I remember the horrid snow all too well. It was a sunny 70 today and I went and set with some friends at a quilty friend's house on her grand porch - lot's of catching up. Love the shells, but oh the Pirates and sea creatures - wonderful.

  29. Great ideas and fabulous finishes. Wish I lived closer.We could figure out the mastery of our machines.

  30. Love the quilt and I like Red Boot designs too. Which Bernina did you get? My Bernina 1130 couldn't be repaired do a cracked bushing that is no longer made. I loved that machine and I got it used about 10 years ago, so I didn't even have it that long and it was only 35ish years old. The sewing tech even had a $10,000 machine in with the same problem! That's why I don't get how some people charge more for those older Berninas when parts aren't available anymore and some are charging more than most newer machines! I will only buy new or vintage old mechanical machines that seems to last forever and can be fixed. Hope you take classes to figure out what you need to know about your machine. They give you the classes free when you buy the machine and it's worth taking them.

  31. Joan, thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts!!!

  32. Oh my gosh - those are both so awesome. and I bet you were dreaming of the beach with all that snow!!! It looks like soft serve ice cream... ha ha - just a little hot fudge and you;d be in heaven

  33. Wow! Your car really did look like a ginormous snow cone, LOL. Love the projects that you've shared. Stay warm, and think of the beach.

  34. WOW all that snow!!!!! Love those seashells. Stay warm.

  35. Both of your projects are beautiful Joan. I don’t know about you, but I’m in love with the fabric you made. I love those grey- green shades. What an intense storm you had and I can’t believe the snow!

  36. That first picture - oy! We had snow like that on April Fools one day - 3 feet - but it went quickly. I much prefer the thoughts of sea and sand and yours are perfect. Good luck with your new machine...I am thinking you will love it!

  37. I am hoping you have melted out a bit by now. Great projects. Love your fabrics you created, and perfect use for them.

  38. I love the projects you made for this hop! But... I hesitate to say it.. I think I'd actually prefer the snow!!!! xx

  39. Love those shells! And your car - what a sight! A snow cone is the perfect description.

  40. Wow that's a lot of snow! I love your shells!!!! And so great that you dyed the fabric, even if it had to wait a bit for the perfect project :)

  41. I love your hand painted fabric and it does work well for the project. No I refuse to get baby shark stuck in my brain for the day!

  42. I love your fishy fishy quilt so so so much! It has been my best quilt find online this week!


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