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Thursday, April 8, 2021

An Honor to be Passed Along...

Monday I was nominated for the 2021 Outstanding Blogger award from Susan over at "Quilt Fabrication". It was quite the honor, but I really have not been able to live up award recently.

My life turned upside down for the absolute best reason ever, almost a year ago.

Becoming a Nana is exciting enough, but having grown up with brothers and having boys myself, having this girl around has me jumping for joy! Getting to watch her while momma and daddy are working is the best honor on the world.  Hench, my blogging time has become very limited...

I would like to take the opportunity though...to pass the award "posthumously" on to 
Marian Pena of "Seams to be Sew"
(I have "borrowed" this photo from her Facebook page)
For those of you who know Marian, she has provided us with her adorable patterns and shared her talents with us for many years.
I am not sure how many know, but she passed away March 15. 
She called me just before her passing, saying she had been in the hospital for 13 days and had just been released to a rehabilitation center to regain her strength. She was supposed to have posted her block for the "Around the Block US Tour" and had no way of finishing her post.
A quick text thanking me was the last I heard from her. 
The next thing I saw was a post from her husband on her personnel Facebook page, announcing her passing, and a post from a friend who said it was a brief 1 month battle with cancer.
Marian, you deserve this "2021 Outstanding Blogger Award" more than anyone I know, and you will be dearly missed. 

As for myself, I am an still working as an educator for "Crafter's Edge" and "Thermoweb"
I do keep up with Carol Swift of "Just Let Me Quilt" and Carla Henton of "Creatin' in the Sticks" monthly blog hops. There are just no better places you can visit, to find the best and most inspirational bloggers. Each and every one of them deserves an award. 

A big thank you to Susan for the award nomination. I am passing it along to those who are so deserving of it.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is so sweet to nominate Marian! Your sweet little granddaughter is adorable and definitely worth the interruptions to lots of things.

  2. Wonderful tribute to Marian. You have the best distraction ever! Congrats on the Crafter’s edge...you do great work.

  3. I had no idea she’d passed away. I found so many of the bloggers I follow through her events.

  4. I, too, had no idea that she had passed away. She was certainly deserving of that award. You have the best excuse ever for not keeping up with your blogging, but I think you are doing a great job and deserve the honor.

  5. Oh Joan, I had no idea Marian had passed. I am so sorry to hear this. I knew she hadn't been feeling well for a while. This is a great tribute to her. Thank you for doing this. My heart is sad. She will definitely be missed.

  6. I had no idea as well that she passed. I didn't know her personally but felt like I did. I have so many memories of her bogs and felt as if I did know her. She was so helpful, personal and caring. What a loss for her and her family. She will be sorely missed.

    As a grandmother and now great-grandmother, I so happy you do get to share in the love and joy of another bright light in your world. Thank you for all you do and your caring and loving tribute to Marian.

  7. Congratulations on the award and what a lovely way to pass it on. That is very special.

  8. I didn't know she passed away either. Thank you for letting us know. Your granddaughter is beautiful. How sweet that you are taking care of her so you can get lots of bonding time. Children can be quite a handful but they are so precious.

  9. Another quilter with so much potential taken from us too soon. Lovely of you to honor her.

  10. I was so sadden after hearing about Marian at "Seams to be Sew". What a great lady/quilter/blogger. I so agree that she will be missed. That said, YOU are special. I'm pumped to hear that you have been nominated for the "blogger of the year". Joan, I'm so glad to hear that you are in the running; perfect!

  11. Thank you for updating us on Marian. I loved your/her yearly BOM. I had wondered what had happened to her as she just disappeared from blogland last year. So very sorry to hear that she has passed on. I am sure that you are missing your dear friend.


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