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Monday, July 19, 2021

It was a Wildly Fun Weekend

Seriously if you saw this face looking at you, wouldn't you run!
I didn't think anyone hated getting their picture taken as much as I do...
til I met Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt"
You know she's going to kill me for posting this...
That's her giving me the "stink eye" for taking her photo!
And that's the kind of weekend we had. 
Seriously, it was sooooooo much fun.
I've known Carol for years through blogging, but I had never met her. When she said she was teaching a class, I bought hubby and I tickets to Vegas, and away we went. He was thrilled to gamble his brains out, while I went to class and ran around town with Carol and her friend Susan.
Here we are in front of the store...
The class was big...12 students and all but 2-3, were new to fusible applique. I have NEVER been to a class with 12 people who were genuinely the nicest, kindest and eager to learn gals, ever. It was so much fun, meeting them all. Class was over before we knew it and it was a little sad to think, I will likely never see them again. 
This is "Ready for Christmas" 
and it's all ready for me to quilt now. I just love Carol's designs.

I have to tell you, because she never would...
How many classes have you taken where the instructor provides gift bags for everyone?
It had water, candy, mints, pencil and pencil sharpener and even a fat quarter.
She had prizes for everyone, and "Thermoweb" also donated a $30 gift certificate for a giveaway.
Topped off with snacks, in case we were starving during class. It was so unexpected and awesome.

The shop "Sew Yeah Quilting" was adorable...
 so bright and cheery.
Did you know that it's owned by 3 brothers? They have a "YouTube" channel, 
and do shows a couple times a week, too.

After class we grabbed some lunch and Carol took me out to
 Hemenway Valley Park.
This beautiful park overlooks Lake Mead.
Walking among these beautiful big horn sheep was such a thrill.
They didn't seem to care that we were even there.
I've seen photos Carol has taken with her quilts out there, but until you see it for yourself, you just can't imagine how spectacular it is. A little piece of paradise for the animals and humans alike.

I can't say enough great things about Carol...from her and her hubby Ron, coming into Vegas to pick us up from the airport, for lunch and a ride to the hotel. To her fun class, her being my Uber driver and taking me around town to see the sights. Heck, I even got to meet her puppies.
The worst part was it was such a quick trip and I felt like I could have stayed another week.
It was really a sad feeling to get on the plane to come home, but that's always a sign of having had a really fun time.

In fact... it was so much fun, that we are meeting up in September, to do it all again!
No class this time...just a trip to see "Garden of the Quilts" at Thanksgiving Point.
That's what happens when I spent 5 hours in an airport waiting for a delayed flight.
By the time I did get home, we had planned to meet up and my friend Joi is coming along with me. Whoo hoo...Road trip!
Yes, I'm driving this time. I'm kind of over sitting in an airport right now.

Thanks Carol, for being even more awesome than I dreamed.
It's really true...blogging buddies are the best!

My biggest regret...
This store was inside of our hotel, "New York New York".
It was closed the whole time we were there.
With a name like that, I knew it was a place that was perfect for me!
I can only dream of what crazy things they had to sell, inside it!

PS:  Make sure you drop by Wednesday afternoon. I've got a little surprise to share...
winky winky!!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. What a fun filled trip you and DH had in Vegas. Looking at you and Carol in the pictures, I thought you could be sisters. You really look a lot alike, and. from your comments, you seem to have similar personalities. How wonderful, to be doing the road trip again, in September, when it should be a little cooler. One of our sons has a condo in Vegas, and has been telling me how hot it's been. It's been many years since we've been in Vegas, but at my age, I don't do heat!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YOur trip looks like a lot of fun. I have been to Vegas a few times, but never visited that park. Something for a future trip. I will have to visit that quilt shop also.

  3. Your photos are great, even the stink eye one. LOL I can’t wait for September!

  4. Wow, we're heading to LV in Sept for a football game(him)and float all day in the lazy river(me). Except now I have a quilt shop to visit. I never knew about that park- a trip out there sounds fun,too. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend. CaBobbie

  5. I'm so glad you two got to meet and have such a great time together. Maybe you'll be able to see what's in that shop when you go in September and let us know what you see and buy there.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time and a great trip!!! Loved all the pics!

  7. That is terrific and what fun to have a second trip lined up! Better bring a quilt for the photo shoot in front of that store next time!

  8. Two great gals getting to meet is the BEST!

  9. I know you ladies had an awesome time together and really kept the participants entertained!! How sweet of Carol to provide a goody bag!! The park looks fantastic!

  10. Sounds like a fabulous trip and a really great class!

  11. It sounds like you both had an amazing time together.

  12. Wow, what a wonderful time. Such a perfect way to catch and meet a new friend. Doing a class is a perfect way to spend time together and the bonus is all the other participants. Looks like you managed to squeeze a lot into a short time. Glad you enjoyed it and have another planned.


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