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Friday, September 24, 2021

It's a Wrap for the I'm Falling for You blog hop


I hope you didn't miss any of the incredible posts my fellow bloggers and I shared this week.
Yesterday we were dazzled by Susan's "Rain Chains" table runner and placemats. She combined a modern looks with warm fall colors. Perfection!
Our combined Susan and Sharon team known as "Ms P Designs USA" delighted us with the cutest fall coasters with sunflowers and scarecrows. 
Lianne, turned to a beautiful Lori Holt project. While it's spring where she lives, she inspired us all with this beauty.
Leah had 2 big finishes, one has been in the works for awhile and one was a quickie...so she said. LOL!  They both are spectacular. I want to quilt like she does when I grow up! ;-)
And lastly I shared my "Pineapple Crazy" quilt that I have been crazily piecing this summer.

With our temperatures are starting to fall, I know we are all excited to get back 
into our sewing rooms. I have so many ideas! Now, if only I could clone myself 
to get them all done.

Please join me in giving a big round of applause to everyone who participated.
You rocked the theme, and inspired us, all!

For those who may have missed it, you can find the link to all the bloggers 

Or you can visit our hop Pinterest page

But don't put down your readers and needles and thread just yet...
Next month Carol is hosting her OUR favorite hop of the year!
Yep, your blog hosts here, Carol, Carla and I, are just coo-coo over Halloween!
Drop Carol a note if you want to play along

When I say coo-coo, I really mean it. We have a Facebook group
that we have just finished designing next years, free BOM for.
If you haven't done so yet, join us...it promises to be a Ghastly experience!
Wicked Wednesdays are making their return as well. 
You should see what Carol just designed for it this week!

November is just a quick little project, because we are all buried in holiday stitching by then!
Carla is your host for this one. Come on, even if you never blog hop...
You can whip up a little mug rug and strut your stuff.
Lets blow the doors off the "hop" world!
Drop Carla a note if you want to join in

December Carol is bringing back her yearly
 "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange" hop.
Start your baking and project making and share with us all!

Drop her a note if you want to play along!

That about covers the rest of this year...but don't you worry, 
we are coming back next year, with 12 months of fun new themes!
Won't you join us?

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Thanks for organizing the fantastic blog hop!!! Lots of wonderful ideas!

  2. It was a great idea for a blog hop and it was so full of inspiration...thank you!


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