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Thursday, November 4, 2021

In the Woods with Thermoweb and Paintbrush Studios

Have you ever heard of a "Flat Stack"?
Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, has put a new spin on a fat quarter set.
All these beautiful fabrics are printed in one long run.
The packages take up much less space, that way.
That means I have room for way more fabrics in my studio.
This  fun set of fabrics is "Forest Fables".
I love the bright colors and cheery prints.
Just look at the selvage, it's as adorable as the fabric!

The center panel is done using a fusible applique method. 
Thermoweb has made fusible applique so easy.
 HeatNBond®Light-Weight Fusible Interfacing fused on the reverse side of my background fabric supports my appliques and causes much less shrinking and distortion.
 HeatNBond EZ Print Lite  fusible web allows you to print from you computer. No more tracing!

You may have noticed many of the fabrics are directional.
Are you scared of working with directional fabrics? 
I used to be, until I stumbled on the secret.  I've included my "No-Cry" 
method of dealing with directional fabrics in the pattern.
Check it out for yourself. You can find the "free" pattern over on the Thermoweb blog

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is perfectly adorable! I think the yardage print of FQs is very interesting way to work. Makes it easier for stores and fun for all...the wonders of the digital printing of fabric!

  2. That is adorable, Joan! And, this is the first I've heard of flat stacks, but sounds like a great idea! LOL

  3. Cute!! Thank you for sharing this info.

  4. That is so interesting about the different fabrics on one panel....the things people think of.

  5. I've never seen anything like that before but I love the fabric and the quilt.
    Both are adorable.

  6. What a fascinating way to print fabric.
    Lovely work with your quilt. It makes me smile!!


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