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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Making a List and Checking it Twice...

What's on your holiday list this year?

My list was so big that I needed a "bucket"!

Thermoweb is having a week long "Black Friday" sale, starting Monday November 22.
30% off and free shipping on orders over $50 for an entire week.

I love creating with these products.
You better start making your list and checking it twice.
I know you haven't been naughty...just nice!

Here are some of my all time favorties...

I do wish you all, a very Happy Thanksgiving this week. 
It's a good time to count our blessings, and start the holiday eating binge!
I'm thankful, I'm not worried about the calories until next year now.

Talking about calories...
Make sure you join us for "Crazy Carols Calorie-palooza"!
Well, OK, maybe it's not really called that, and Carol really isn't crazy at all.
But she is hosting her yearly "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange" starting Dec 6.
If you haven't yet signed up, drop her a line
But you need to hurry, as she is finalizing the schedule soon.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Crazy Calories Palooza - LOL! I maybe should get cracking on whatever I'm making for that Hop, eh?

  2. I love ThermoWeb products too! I need to get started on my Crazy Calories Palooza project! LOL Happy Thanksgiving, Joan!

  3. That would be a a fun bucket to have to play with. Glad you are enjoying using lots of goodies from them.


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