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Monday, November 15, 2021

No Ring November Blog Hop

It's November already, time sure flies.
I don't know about you, but I sure appreciate this quick little project this month.
With the Christmas holiday season approaching, I need all the time I can squeeze out of my day!

I have long been fascinated with the "Folded Star" hot pads, 
which make great mug rugs.
I bought my first one at Grand Teton National Park about 35 years ago.
While it looks pretty sad these days, it keep on a going.
There is something to be said about durability after so many years.
Not that I have seen this much lately!  
My grand daughter has taken a liking to it, and hides from us.
We have found it in our underwear drawer, my nightstand, in the cabinet under the TV...
just about any place you would "not" expect to find it.
I had to grab it from her, so I could write my post!
It's a good thing she's cute!
This summer Joi, one of my quilt club friends bought us the pattern
 and interfacing templates to make them. It was a "happy dance" day for me.
 I finally got to replace my worn hot pad and it
 couldn't have been be easier, either.
These templates give you perfect stars every time.
Nothing, like trying to make a perfect star on an ball shaped ornament, 
like we were doing last year!
Here is my new Thanksgiving hot pad.
Joi surprised us all, with her special Halloween hot pads!
(You know, how I LOVE Halloween.

So now I'm on to Christmas...
It's a start, and one with some pretty wild colors.
Maybe I will tone it down a bit on the next one.
A little more traditional.
Tee Hee Hee!!

Check it out at, "Plum Easy Patterns" for yourself
And give your table a "No Ring" for any day of the year!
Thanks Carla for another fun filled blog hop.

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Tuesday, November 16th

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  1. Beautiful "Folded Star" hot pads. These look like they would be super fun to make!!!! Enjoy your day! 🧵🪡🧵

  2. I have always loved the folded star pattern. These hot pads look great! So many color and pattern options. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've always loved these too and have wanted to make one (or many). It's on my list! Thanks, Joan! (And your granddaughter is adorable!!!)

  4. Oh, Joan, these are fantastic and something I definitely want to try. Now just let that baby have the old, you have new ones. lol Thank you for joining No Ring November!

  5. PS I just ordered the pattern and interfacing templates! Thanks for helping me spend money! LOL!!!

  6. I have seen these many a time, but never made one! They just don't go out of style:)

  7. Those are so cool! I'll have to add them to my list of projects I want to try some day.

  8. Joan, you write a fun post! I was smiling all the while reading it. All the folded star pads look wonderful. I’ll have to trust you that making them is simple as that photo of the template looks anything but simple. Your granddaughter is so cute and how funny she loves to hide the pad from you.

  9. Finding the hot pad in miscellaneous places made me giggle. I actually have the pattern, templates and a plastic piece where you can make your own templates sitting here, contemplating.....Your hot pads turned out lovely.

  10. I love those folded stars too. I made a bunch as potholders about 35 years ago myself. I still have the booklet showing how to use the stars for other things too. Funny how things go in and out of fashion. I love the ones you made and now maybe your cutie pie granddaughter can keep the old one to play hide and seek with, lol!

  11. Don't you love these, Joan?! I've got to make some more. And I must say ... great minds! I used that same cup and cookies JUST like that in my post for Thursday! LOL

  12. I love a folded star, too. Yours are wonderful though the 'old' one has a special charm.

  13. these are wonderful. thanks for sharing.

  14. I love all of them, but the pink one is my favorite! (Do you notice that the Oreo filling is so thin lately? What's up with that?)

  15. Love that pink and black one, especially with the Oreo's on top!

  16. These are really beautiful! You know I love that Halloween one!

  17. Love the folded star mug rug / hot pads!!! And love how you have to search for one of them!!! Too cute!

  18. Fun, I like gifting mug rugs because they are quick to make up and so darn cute! And my mother in law saw these folded stars pads at market, we are on the go to make some more of them for gifting!

  19. I love your folded stars they are lovely and colourful

  20. They're all so cute, but she is the cutest!

  21. I like the folded star hot pads / mug rugs. My Aunt gave me 2 for our wedding and I have always wanted to make some more. Your Thanksgiving/Fall one is my favorite.

  22. Love that hot pad pattern! Your darling granddaughter is too much playing with your hot pads and hiding them. Love my coffee cup sleeve from the last hop!!!

  23. I've started a folded star block once. Maybe I should try to find it and make a mug rug. Yours are beautiful.

  24. The folded star has always amazed me. Your older hot pad and the new ones all are very pretty. Darling granddaughter, too.

  25. I think I'm partial to the one being held by the beautiful mini model. These are such a great idea for a mug rug and I like the fact that they are so easy to make for any occasion or season.

  26. It looks like Little Miss likes your old hot pad, Carol. Me? I absolutely LOVE those new ones you made!!

  27. Very pretty. My favorite is the one for Thanksgiving.

  28. Your granddaughter is so adorable! I like your folded star and they can be hot pads or mug rugs. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Great idea! I made a few of these, back about 30 years ago or so. Still have a pair that I use as trivets during the holidays. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I had a Folded Star in an embroidery hoop for a.cute wall hanging! A gift from my SIL back in the day! Country colors, blue, mauve and tan, very 70s. I loved it! Thanks for the pattern link!

  31. Your little grandie is a cheeky one. Such a cutie!
    Your mug rugs looks fantastic and thanks for the link to the pattern. I'll go and have a little look.

  32. They all look great, Joan. And perfect colours for the season!! A fun little project.
    I wonder why your granddaughter has taken such a shine to it?

  33. I love them! And how cute is your grandie!!! I really need to make some of them, I think I have the pattern somewhere......... :) xx

  34. Looks like a wonderful pattern. These are so useful, plus fun to look at!

  35. Love your folded star hot pads especially that bold Christmas one. I love in your face colours.


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