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Friday, October 21, 2022

It's a Wrap for the Gremlins Goblins and Ghouls OH My Blog Hop

Day 5 boo-loggers ended this hop in a big way!

Melisa delighted us with her "Happy Jack" design and shared a great tutorial on how to make him. The photos of her Halloween world would make anyone's heart swoon!

Charlene taught me a lesson today. Have you ever heard of Notan? Well, I sure didn't but I love it! What a fun project with striking results. Then there is her Frankie...he just calls my name.

Bea shared a beautiful fall quilt for her daughter who is 18 today. 

Wendy got a well deserved "side-eye" from her kitty with her projects. While "Wilbs" may not have been happy, it brings tons of Halloween joy to me!

Joan...that's me, I wrapped up the hop with my assortment of Halloween 2022 additions. I am very lucky to have friends who "get" me and have helped me add to my addiction. LOL!! 

It's been another wonderful hop and I want to thank all my blogging friends for participating and making it s very special Halloween. 

Before I sign off, I want to tell you all, that we have heard your concerns about the new format for blog hops next year. Yes, we were going to limit it to 20 participants, but your resounding response made us stop and pause...
You're the backbone of our hops success and we don't take that for granted. While our hops will only be  4 days a week next year. Monday through Thursday, we won't be limiting the number of participants. Within limits that is. LOL!! I don't see 100 a day being feasible... Just kidding!
We are changing the name up still. They will be challenges...because after all, we do challenge each other monthly and you rise to that occasion, every time. We will be hopping around as usual, just with a fresh new name. 
"SEW IT-SHOW IT" will be looking for bloggers each month who want to meet our challenges and share their creations. Giveaways just might/will be included too!
If you have never participated and are interested, just reach out and we will help you in anyway we can.
They really are easy and you meet the nicest people along the way!

Thought for the day...

See you next month on Carla's...

And in December with Carol's 

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Thank you, Joan, for hosting this great hop! It has been a hoot!

  2. The Hop was truly tons of fun. Thank you for hosting. 'Glad you all have decided to not limit the number of participants (within reason). It is always fun and interesting to see all of the many projects and creativity. Meeting so many sewing and/or quilting/crafting bloggers.

  3. Joan, thanks for hosting this hop, it was fun. I don't quite understand something about the new Sew it Show it blog hop. First it says you are limiting it to 20 participants, then later you said you won't be limiting the number of participants, so that's confusing. Which is it? Is it 4 days with only 5 people per day, which= 20 participants total, or 4 days and up to 20 participants per day, which would= 80 participants total? Please clarify this. If people mentioned the hops were too many days and or too many stops each day, then it would make sense to shorten the number of days and limit the participants to fewer people per day, otherwise you are just cramming more people in each day and that defeats the whole thing in my opinion. So please explain how this will work. Thank you!

    1. We had some scheduling issues for next year but were able to resolve some of them. That allowed us to reconsider...hops will only be 4 days a week, but open to all!

  4. I know there's no way you can please everyone but now that the cow's already out of the barn- as my momma woulda said- I've loved 5 days with 4 people. I throughly enjoy your hops and will be learn to be happy however it's done as long as I keep seeing these inspiring creations.

  5. We had some scheduling issues for next year, but were able to resolve some of them. The hops will only be 4 days a week, but open to all!

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the hop! Thank you for all the work you put into it!!

  7. I'm late in getting this comment to you, but thank you so much for hosting yet another fun blog hop! I enjoyed seeing all the inspiration from all the participants!


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