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Monday, March 6, 2023

It's My Day in the Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop

We can all thank Bea, from BeaQuilter for making us pull those books off the shelves and put them to use.
My goal, while I had a couple months off from watching my grandies, was to actually clean up my sewing room. While it may not gone as well as planned, I did manage to go through my bookshelf.
The project I found was this sweet little scrap buster...
This is "Hugs and Kisses"
This pattern did not come from a traditional quilt book, but one of my binders of quilt patterns, I am going to do "someday".
It was on my bookshelf and yes, I did have to blow a little dust off of it!
Years ago, I went to a class on finding your creativity. It was an excellent class that focused on cleaning out the stuff you are not interested in, to make room for what you love. The instructor actually made us all bring a quilt magazine, and tear out the pages we loved and throw away the rest. That was the hardest thing to do, for everyone in the class. She also gave us each a journal that we were to paste the things we loved in. 
 To this day, I still love flipping through that journal for inspiration. It amazes me just how much it does get those creative juices flowing.
The biggest benefit from it once I got home, was I was able to take stacks of quilt magazines, pull out only the pattern I loved and throw away the rest.
Over the years, I've gone through my binders from time to time. I've added some things and tossed some. Just recently I separated them into seasonal, kids, and scrappy binders, etc...It makes it so much easier to find what I'm looking for. All my internet finds are printed and stored in there, as well.
This pattern is from 2007. While it took some searching online, I found there has been a name change to "Hearts and Flowers" and you can still find the free download  HERE.

Please stop by and visit my fellow bloggers today. 
They all have been cracking open the books lately!

March 7th

Quilting Gail

Thrift Shop Commando

High Road Quilter

Moosestashquilting (you're here)

Bea asked us to share our oldest quilt book...

Mine is this Dear Jane book published in 1996, but the quilt is from 1863!
 Have I made this quilt yet???
NO :-)
But this book from 2000 was from the first official quilt class, I ever took. They told me my colors were terrible. So motivating for a brand new quilter. It's funny how you remember those kind of things. I loved what I chose at the time, but in retrospect...they might have been onto something. LOL!!
None the less, I was delighted with my finish.

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Hugs and kisses to all!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Adorable colorful quilt. Your pattern organization is done so well . The binders are a wonderful idea.

  2. This challenge was great motivation to get into your bookshelf. And that was a fun one to choose.
    Definitely a scrappy one with gorgeous colours. I am glad you found it.
    Look how organised you are now with your folders!!!!
    I am not impressed with the comments about your first quilt project. I often see colour combos that don't appeal to me, but I would never be negative like that. As you say, at the time it was what you liked.
    I find it very satisfying to go through old magazines and only keep what you like. And there is always somebody who will take the ones you don't want. Our thrift stores do a great trade with old magazines.
    Love your inspiration book. I have one full of things i will never make, but I enjoy looking at them still.
    Have fun with those grandies!!!!

  3. What great quilts! I'm glad you were not discouraged by those fabric choice comments. There's nothing wrong with those choices, then or now. Thanks for all you inspire and design.

  4. Wow! I can't imagine tearing out pages from my beloved magazines! I think of someone who could have the book and then find missing pages, yikes! Would sure pare down the books or magazines though! Thanks also for sharing that sweet quilt hugs and kisses.

  5. Your Hugs and Kisses quilt is absolutely adorable! I'm another person who has a hard time getting rid of magazines, but I like the way you organized what you had saved from them.

  6. What a sweet quilt, fun and bright all rolled into one quilt-so awesome!

  7. Love your quilt, it is just adorable. I did make the Dear Jane quilt and still have that book, and all the Civil War fabrics I made it with.

  8. I disagree with those who told you that your color choices stink! You've got great value/contrast in that first quilt!
    I recognized the Hugs quilt right away! It is also in one of my binders! Yes, I have my magazine patterns organized in binders...pieced, applique, seasonal and small projects, such as sewing machine covers and bowl cozies. I stopped with the magazines years ago (there is the internet, ya know), so I have had this organizing method for a long time. It works for me!

  9. Great quilt, you do such great work- EVEN though it WASN'T from a book!! I have dear jane for EQ and would like to make it one day but the blocks are COMPLICATED!!

  10. Hugs and kIsses is such a happy quilt. Your posts always make me smile .

  11. This is a bright and cheery quilt that would be perfect for someone we love. As for that quilt journal thingy, I need to do that! I end up throwing out books and magazines because there's no room for them. A binder of quilt love would be perfect! Lots of fun hops ahead for sure!

  12. I love you made a quilt from a book you made! The collection of inspiration is so worth it. I only get one paper magazine, and don't read the online versions as much as I would like. I don't think your first quilt colors were bad...they were what you like at the time. My how your tastes have changed!

  13. (I think my previous comment sent before I was ready--if so please delete it!). I really enjoyed this post! I love the journal idea! I could totally rip from magazines--I don't like to keep what I don't want and I completely get that "no clutter" idea! I love your quilt, and I think I remember seeing one in a shop or somewhere years ago? Thanks for the link, too. I never work with these brights (though I do like them!) but I JUST picked up a bunch of bright fabrics at our church group and this would be a fantastic quilt to make from it. I bet it would go well at our bazaar!

  14. Beautiful quilt! I like that you used inspiration from what you liked! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a sweet quilt! It's bright and cheerful, I love it! It looks like you still have a lot of patterns to make, one day ;))

  16. love the quilt! So bright and cheerful! Binders.... Great idea!!


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