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Sunday, June 18, 2023

When Pigs Fly June Challenge Blog Hop - It's My Day!

Welcome to the June Sew it - Show it Challenge hop. This month we are busting open our hiding places and pulling out those projects that we just never quite got around to finishing.

Does this look familiar to any of you? Kits and projects you bagged up that you had full intentions of getting to? I'm not even going to show you the other totes full of them. LOL!!

The oldest one was from at least 20 years ago. I got to work "Sewing Weekend" at Nancy's Notions, for a few years. It was a "LOT" of work, but it was so much fun and the bargains were incredible.
This kit was on sale for $17.99 and you can see by the photo, it came with everything including batting, backing and bias tape for the binding. It's all batik fabrics and I had a ton of fabric left over. Almost a yard on one of the pieces. Now that was a bargain.

Here's the finished product. Great timing for "Little Man", who gets to enjoy it now!

Next up was a kit in my stash, that I do not remember purchasing.

 I can't remember if it was a gift or what...but shame on my for taking so long to put it together. It was a quick and easy one, to finish.
So quick, that it just might need to make an appearance with all the "Ghastly" fabrics, I've managed to collect. 
You might keep an eye out come "Monster Mash" Challenge time!
Just sayin'

Not that the photo background lends any kind of theme for a snowman quilt, but with all the rain we have had, the yard has never been so green. My pond Iris are in full bloom, at the ole car pond.

Last but not least...

I opened yet another tote and found a quilt that I started 13-14 years ago. The top was finished, it just needed quilted and the sides added. 

I have to admit, this behemoth 100" X 105" guy was a tough one to photograph, 
but it just might be my all time favorite quilt now!

The patterns were from "Willow Bend Creations" in Soldotna, Alaska. 
Unfortunately they are no longer in business. I started collecting them every time I went to visit my son, who was working in Soldotna. 

 Each block is 28" x 34". Laser cutting fabric was just coming out of the market, but I was way too cheap to "spring" for that.
So I traced and hand cut each and every one of these blocks. I still think laser cut kits are ridiculously expensive, but life lesson here...
 I would be much more likely to purchase them after working on this one!

I have a California King size bed and I like the quilts to hang over each side about 17". My longarm won't accommodate anything that wide, so I quilt them up separately and add them to the main quilt, using the QAYG (quilt as you go) method. 

And that's what has kept me out of trouble for a little bit here!
In the middle of it all, we had a wonderful wedding.

There was a lot of smoke, from the fires in Canada and we fought a massive miller moth infestation.
 The biggest one we have had in years here, but the rain stopped and our friends place, "Boen Ranch"  was a beautiful place to hold it. 

 The lake, horses and race cars, what more could you ask for?

Tributes were paid to those who's lives have been taken too soon.
My son lost his best friend a few years ago (his twin is on the right) and his new wife lost her brother in December last year.
The race car belonged to my husbands best friend and racing buddy, who passed away 25 year ago.
(His daughter and her husband own the ranch)
 It was bitter sweet, but we know they were looking down and smiling on us.

My older son and his wife, were in the wedding party.
"Little Man" and "Sweet Pea" were the ring bearer and flower girl.
We clean up pretty good from time to time!
(OK, almost never)

Enough about us...
Hop on over an visit my fellow bloggers today and see what they have to share.
Leave them a little love with a sweet comment or two, as well!

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We will see you next month when Carol hosts, the "Picnic Party" challenge!

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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. You've been quite busy! Your projects are all great and the wedding looks like it was an amazing event.

  2. So much good stuff in your post! Love the finished UFOs and the stories behind them. That big CA King quilt is just beautiful. All the wedding photos are so sweet - congratulations! Thanks for hosting this fun hop. :)

  3. Busy lady you have been, very nice work as usual Joan. Beautiful setting for a gorgeous wedding.

  4. Wow, Joan, you've been really busy cleaning out those stashed away projects! I love the Monkey Buddies quilt and I'm sure Little Man does too! The Times 3 quilt is beautiful and is a great pattern. That king sized quilt is absolutely stunning! I know you are glad to have it completed and on your bed! I've only made one quilt for my bed and it's never been on it! It was a row by row quilt from 2018...I think??!! That will change with our September Island Batik hop because I'm making ME a quilt! LOL Congratulations to your son and new daughter-in-law. You all really do clean up well...great pic!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. WOW!! The pigs were certainly busy flying at your home! I absolutely LOVE the Monkey quilt!!! It is so darn cute!

  6. You know the monkey one rings my bell...so cute, especially with the little guy on it! I had several Ghastlie quilts that needed finishing. I love them so I don't know why they took so long. That pattern is perfect for the big prints. As for that king quilt...wow! That is gorgeous with each design you added by cutting them yourself. Whew! That's a lot of work. Thanks for hosting and pushing us to finish some pigs.

  7. Great projects! Good idea to add the quilted sides to your larger quilt. And congratulations on the wedding!!

  8. Well your post is the reason why we keep doing what we do. Your quilts, each of them is wonderful in it's own right. The Monkeys with that adorable model is so fun and did you say Ghastlies as a follow up, can't wait. The Alaskan panels look wonderful on your bed. And then there are the terrific pictures of your latest family event. The wedding looks so picture perfect. Yes you do clean up very, very well.

  9. What fantastic finishes, and gorgeous wedding pictures! I have some fabric I bought in Alaska a number of years ago for an Alaska project, but they are still in their own little pile! Thanks for thinking of a great challenge!

  10. Isn't it wonderful that you got so many UFOs done? It is such a great feeling for me. I loved the snowman quilt the best. BTW, you make me feel so much better because some of the UFOs are even older than those I still have!! Great pictures of the wedding, quilts, and family.

  11. Wow! You've sure been busy, with three finishes and a wedding to boot. Where do you ever find the time? Very nice!

  12. All of your quilts are fantastic, but that cute little monkey has stolen my heart. Looks like he's found a good home. The pictures of the wedding are lovely. Thank you for sharing that special day.

  13. Beautiful wedding photos, Joan. All lovely finishes. That monkey quilt is to adorable. That was some deal by today's standards. Never see that price again. lol

  14. Of course there had to be a monkey quilt! I'm with you - Laser cuts are highly over priced. What a beauty of a huge quilt that is.

  15. You have been a busy bee! I shudder to think of all the projects we need to finish.
    I am so impressed with what you have finished.
    That monkey quilt looks so cheeky. Great to see it being already used.
    I like the design with the snowman quilt. Yes, I can see it being something to suit a range of fabrics.
    And that huge one!~!! I couldn't even think about how to get that one done.
    A great collection of finishes.

  16. A fabulous three-fer! And then the treat of the wedding pictures. A busy and productive time for you. I guess if I had to quilt that big one, I'd be happy I bought the 12' frame, but as it is, I wish I'd stuck with 10'. It goes into the hallway at the top of the stairs!

  17. What neat projects, Joan! I LOVE the Alaska quilt! (I've made my Alaska quilt though and have no plans for another!!) These days I buy laser cut whenever it's available... hee, hee! Love the wedding photos--looks like that was the most important project to finish. :) Congratulations!

  18. You went to town with these projects! Love the baby mat and the quilt from Alaska. I do think it is expensive...but the work is done for you and I may be all for that these days! The wedding photos are lovely....congratulations. You look fabulous!

  19. Oh wow, those are fantastic projects! Love the Little Man's quilt - so cute and so is he!! Beautiful wedding photos, looks like it was a lovely day! Thanks so much for hosting another fun challenge! xx

  20. Great quilts and congratulations to the happy couple!

  21. Oh what a lovely post, all three of your finishes are great finishes - I can well imagine cutting out those blocks by hand would be a real bear, but so worth it! The quilt for Little Man is gorgeous - a timely finish I would say. Lovely photos from the wedding, a lovely setting!

  22. Amazing finishes. The monkey quilt is super fun!


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