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Friday, July 21, 2023


 Has Blogger been driving you crazy lately?

Google did some updates with photos for our blogs, this month and I've had some strange things happen to my blog. It all makes me think it's related.

The timing was not the best with Carol's "Picnic Party" challenge going on this week, but then is there ever really a good time for problems? There were issues getting posts to post, links to go to the correct places, it even threw in a blogspot link for me. I haven't used that in years! Where did that even come from??? Oh the joys of technology.

I hope you  got to visit all our bloggers and see their fun projects. 

Next month, I am hosting...

Not that it is even remotely related to the issues we have been having this week, but it is pretty funny considering...
There is still a few more spots available, if anyone is interested. Carol has had some emails from bloggers saying they could not get a hold of me to sign up. I've reached out to you and hopefully you have gotten my messages.  
I realized yesterday that I had not been getting my Gmail emails on my phone or iPad. With all the Google changes, I had to re-sign in, and that took me 3 times before it went through. It's now working for me, but you might want to check on your devices as well. 

To sign up I need to following information...

Crazy should be easy for most of us, right now!
What project has driven you crazy? We would love to hear about it and maybe all get a good laugh.
Some days laughter is the best medicine, we can take.

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. It's been crazy to say the least! I'm ready for your kind of crazy and not internet crazy.

  2. well let's see🤔there's been the normal project crazy but the one that takes the cake is ,I recently joined in on my first mystery row quilt along ,I hate not knowing so why? why?why?🤣I couldn't do the. first row till I saw the second row,now that's sur nuff crazy 🤣


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