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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Call Me Crazy Challenge Hop

Today I'm hosting a guest post. Joi is a good friend of mine, who has stitched for many years. This year she took on her biggest challenge yet. Here's her story...

If Quilt Town USA was only a two- hour drive from where you were staying….you’d be CRAZY not to go, right?  Since I was visiting my cousin in Iowa and she’d never been there, off we went to check out the Missouri Star Quilt Company shops….definitely a quilter’s Happy Place!

In and out of shops we went trying not to buy everything we saw! Sigh.  But this jewel tone Fat Quarter bundle caught my eye…had to have it….CRAZY not to buy it! You know that feeling, right?

At the same time, a quilt on the wall caught Meryem’s eye…said it looked like “sprinkles.”  We snatched up that pattern in a flash. What a perfect match! Then we came up with the CRAZY idea of us each making this same quilt together! I would return to Iowa from Colorado after pre-cutting all the fabric. 

Meryem’s fur baby, Sebastian, showed not much excitement when she told him I was coming back.

But, when it came time to get to work, he was right there with Meryem supervising!

After three days of piecing, I got 168 blocks done, each measuring 8” square!  Quite a challenge for me to make my biggest quilt ever, 96” x 112”.  Meryem made hers just a little smaller.

Back home in Colorado, piecing of blocks together started….

….and placement of color was challenging, but I kept at it.

Meryem finished her piecing in no time after I left.  I swear she had it done before I got off the plane back in Denver! LOL

Meryem quickly sent her “Sprinkles” quilt off to be quilted by Cindy Swanson (CampusTshirtQuilt.com). She did an amazing job!  I’d be CRAZY not to have her do mine.

 I did first ask my long-time and good friend Joan (Host of this Blog) to quilt this quilt for me and she was more than happy to do it….but the quilt size was just few inches too wide for her long arm machine. Bummer! So off I mailed my quilt back to Iowa (that was a CRAZY idea in itself, but it made it) where Cindy took on my project.

And the CRAZY excitement continued when Meryem drove from Iowa to Colorado (all in one day!) for a week’s vacation here; and, of course, she brought my “Sprinkles” quilt with her. Talk about being overly thrilled to see my quilt again with an added thread color that brought it so much more character! 

It didn’t take me long get to the sewing machine to attach the binding.

Tah-dahhhh! Here we are with our finished “Sprinkles” quilts!!! Thank you Joan for taking this photo in your beautiful backyard.

Did I do that?  I’m still not believing that one little trip with my cousin Meryem took us on this CRAZY but wonderful quilting journey together! It showed me that you can handle any big and challenging project with the help of fellow quilters, that you are never alone when it comes to figuring out a pattern, looking for fabric or sharing a seam ripper.
Call us all CRAZY, but we love cutting up yards of fabric, sewing them together and then seeing a beautiful creation come to life!

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  1. Wow, both "Sprinkles" quilts are crazy-amazing!

  2. Joi, those are amazing quilts and one amazing story!! It is fun to sew and quilt with others; the camaraderie, the encouragement, and the help along the way cannot be duplicated. (And we can get each other into trouble too. LOL.) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, I may have been just a little jealous that you got to go to MSQC without me...but I'm so happy you and Meryem had some great travels and both completed your gorgeous quilts together. Here's to many more years to quilting together!

  4. Amazing Sprinkle quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh wow, Joi! Your quilt scares the heck out of me. LOL Trying to get the triangles in the right direction and make sure the colors are spread out evenly...yikes! I knew when I met you that you were my kind of crazy and this quilt is proof, but I love it! I'm even crazy enough to think I'd like to try making one. Thanks for sharing your amazing quilt journey!

  6. Gorgeous quilts, both of them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What fun to have your crazy cousin to twin with for your quilts! They turned out SO beautiful.

  8. Beautiful quilts and pattern. I now want to make one of my own.

  9. Oh how I would love to go to Missouri Star Quilt Company! I know I'd go crazy if I did go there! I love the quilts you and your cousin made, they are so cheerful! Well done for making such a big one and so glad you were able to share your crazy story with us here! xx

  10. what an exciting trip and adventure to share. I've done that pattern (smaller version thank you) in just black and white. The jewel colors really pop it though. Fabulous photo of the two of you with your gorgeous finishes. Thank you for sharing your crazy with us.

  11. What a lovely post, Joi. How cool that you were together when the idea struck and you both continued on to have completed quilts. I love them both :-)

  12. What stunning finishes for both of these quilts.
    They look wonderful!!!


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