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Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping Spree

It was a good week to look for those special fabrics in my alphabet theme. 50% off everywhere I look. We all love to hear those kind of numbers at our fabric stores. I found some cute things on the clearance rack that was yet another 50% off too. It is a good time to start looking for thoses little treasures you need! Notice I did say need! :-) I also bought a bolt of Peltex with a 50% off coupon of course. So I'm off to the sewing room to start this project. I am sure you can tell just what fabric I will be using next. Off on the right, of the photo, possibly A is for Apple! :-) You'll get to see the finished page very soon.


  1. Hi Joan! Great blog! I have some questions- is Peltex double-sided fusible or single side? And where did you get it? And where do you get the coupons from?
    I used to use fast2fuse back in Ontario, but haven't been able to buy that here. I got some peltex here at Joann's but could only find single side fusible and I would like double-sided.
    I love the fabrics you got! I tend to steer clear of that- I have enough at home and if I look, I ALWAYS find something I must take home! lol

  2. Hi Joan, looks like you got a good start on your fabrics etc. Don't you just love sales and coupons. I dropped a few bucks myself at Joann's this week.


  3. Christa I use the Peltex with no fusing on it. I have some with double fusible, for post cards, but I am finding that the fusible isn't as good as I want it to be, so I have gotten away from that and the $8 a yard price tag and gone with my old stand by Wonder Under fusible. JoAnn's fabrics sends out coupons all the time, and I take advantage of them. Sign up in the store if you aren't getting them, and watch the Fun Friendly site. Someone ususally posts links for online coupons when then come out. Can't live without my JoAnn's coupons! hahaha


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