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Monday, April 20, 2009

First "Real" Customer Quilt

I have been quilting for family and friends for awhile now, but I actually did a real customer quilt this week. It was such a treat. I am so honored that my co-worker Rena, entrusted me with her quilt top. It is such a bright and happy quilt. The back is a great plaid that has all the colors of the top in it. A perfect match for the quilt. This was a special project for her. She cut up her prom dress for it. Now that takes courage. She did a great job in finding other fabrics to complete this memory quilt top. What a wonderful way to preserve something so special, and lets face it, if we could get into our prom clothes, would the style be anything we would ever be seen in again???? Speaking for myself, that style went out many many moons ago. :-)

I've done a few memory quilts, mostly with photo's on them. I had a great dream, to write a quilt book one day, with different ideas on memory quilting in it. Even stitched up some samples for this book. Now, it will probably never happen, but it sure was fun to play with. This quilt has brought it to the forefront of my mind again. Now I'm in trouble. More stuff rattling around up there! Never fear though, you most likely will never see this phantom quilt book. :-) So... if I am not writing, what the heck can I find around here to cut up????? Gotta run and do some searching!

May you search for your dreams this week!


  1. You have been a very busy girl! How brave of you to take on quilting for someone else! You did a beautiful job, Joan. Hey, what quilt are you going to showcase in the Online Quilters Festival? You have shown so many beautiful pieces of work just lately, I would have trouble choosing if I were you!

  2. Congrats on your first quilt customer! This quilt turned out gorgeous. I love the diamond blocks. How cool that there are parts of a prom dress in this - great idea!

  3. Oh what beautiful and colorful quilts. I especially like the circle of life quilt. Thank you so much for visiting my blog recently!!!!


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