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Friday, April 24, 2009

Stack the Deck Again

Like I told you, I just can't seem to get enough of this great technique. I am going thru my stash like gang busters and having so much fun not having to match anything. It is really quite "liberating". Notice I use that word instead of "brainless", but it pretty much is the same thing! :-) At least in my mind anyway! Its a great little treat no matter what you call it.

With all the snow and rain of last week, I had a little flood in my basement studio! ARRRRGH! So working on anything has pretty much been restricted to mopping up the mess and moving things around. It is the first time we have had trouble in years of course and it had to be in my room. So with luck, I will manage to get the carpets shampooed this weekend and things put back together. I hate taking the time from my sewing, but what can you do?

On our little quilt show outing a few weeks ago, my friend and I found a wonderful little pattern for the cutest wall hanging I have ever seen. So there you have it, a little teaser. I am going to try to get that started at some point in the next week. I can hardly wait to share it with you. It made me laugh like I haven't laughed at a quilt in a long time.

Until then, happy stitching, and be sure to look for something that tickles your funny bone.

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  1. Hi Joan,
    Tell me about this 'stack the deck' technique.

    Thanks, Joy


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