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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fairies and Fireweed

When I came across this wonderful piece of silkscreened Fireweed fabric in Alaska earlier this summer, I knew just what I had to do with it. I have a friend who is crazy over Fairies. It would be a perfect match. The fabric piece I bought was small, and I wanted a lap size quilt, so I played around with some scrap batiks that I had purchased. "Yes" scrap, when have scraps ever been the perfect answer to your problem, huh? It was a red letter day! I searched thru Embroidery Library for Fairy designs, and this lap quilt was born. It was one of those, "I really have to give this one away" quilts. If only I had bought more of the Fireweed fabric. Darn! The quilt went to Kelly yesterday for her birthday and she was thrilled with it.

As a quilter you can't ask for anything more. I think I enjoy, the joy it bring others, much as I love the making of the quilt its self. Guess that is really what life is all about. If only we could all adopt that kind of attitude, just think what kind of a world this would be.

This week find "something" you love to do and share it with someone. You will be surprised at how wonderful it makes you feel. If we keep passing it along to others, maybe we can change the world a thread at a time!

Happy Stitching!


  1. How beautiful Joan- and what a good friend you are! I bet Kelly was just tickled pink. I LOVE the colours.

  2. A great suggestion, Joan -- and how right you are. I hope we CAN change the world one thread at a time -- it sure needs it right now!


  3. The quilt is beautiful and I think a wee bit different too many I've seen.


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