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Friday, August 14, 2009

Ole time Paper Dolls

If your as old as I am, you well remember our beloved paper dolls. You can imagine just how excited I was, when they brought them back to us in fabric form. I had to get my hands on some of these great little gals. I wanted to give them a little bit of an updated look, so I cut out the little darlings, and appliqued them to some bright colored fabrics. With a little playing, I was happy with the end results of this project.

My favorite part was the quilt label that I turned into a closet, so to speak. I put all the clothes in there for easy access and storage. I did find that a closure on the top was in order to keep things inside the pocket. Velcro would have been great, but would have shown after the quilt was quilted, so I used a heavy duty snap. It did the job. A word to the wise, if you choose to use nothing, everything falls out every time you move the quilt. :-)

A little tip that I picked up at my local quilt shop was to iron Deco-bond on the back of the clothing pieces. It give you just enough stability for the clothes to nicely stay on the dolls while playing. It worked like a dream.

This was delivered to my favorite little Alaska girl who turned 5 this week. I sure hope that she enjoys them as much as I did when I was young.


  1. How incredibly clever! I hope I have granddaughters some day so I can use this idea!


  2. hi Joan,
    that is a beautiful quilt, and yes I do so easily remember paper dolls - or cut outs as I used to call them. How clever of you, I am sure your little 5yr old will just love this!

  3. Hi, Joan -- Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog -- I hope to see the results of your playing with Laura's ideas when you get the chance. I agree -- her techniques inspire such fun!


  4. You did a very nice job on this quilt.....I bet that was one happy little girl. I marvel at the ideas you come up with!!



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