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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Color Play-Wanna play?

While I finished up quilting some of my Christmas quilts, I thought I would share my favorite fall wall hanging with you. This is from the Mt Redoubt Designs book, 'tis the Season. By now, I am sure that everyone is aware that fusible applique is really my passion. Fast easy and the details that you get just can't be beat. Letitia Hutchings from Mt Redoubt is another one of my favorite designers. Her creative eye just blows me away. I bought his kit a few years back and when I was checking out the gal at the register mentioned that the fabrics in the store display were not the same as the ones in the kit. It was the store display that really grabed my eye. I was so disappointed that the fabric wasn't the same, that I put it on a shelf and didn't touch it for a couple of years. :-( It surfaced last fall, and I decided that even though I really didn't care for the fabrics in the kit, I would make it up since I bought the darn thing.

Well, who would have ever thought, but I was blown away with the finished project. I don't even remember what the original fabrics were that I fell in love with, but this one was beautiful. The first thing to jump out at me when I opened the package was the pink color. Just who would put pink in with nice warm fall oranges and blues????? It amazes me still that when I look at the finished product, I don't even notice the pink any more.

So now I get to thinking, how far can I go with colors and still find it satisfying to the eye? HUMMMMMMM This looks like it could be a challenge for me to take up next year! Anyone want to join in?

Looks like I need to take a photography class too. Every quilt photo makes things look like the are crooked, and they aren't! Really! :-)

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  1. Great colors! I know that feeling: the fabrics you buy aren't the same ones as are in the model, and you're certain your project won't look as good. Isn't it a cool surprise when it turns out even better? Nice job!



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