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Saturday, November 14, 2009


As the snow falls, I sit and lament on how little fabric dyeing I managed to get to this summer. Brought on, no doubt, by with this lovely little pair of underwear that just found it's way in and out of my laundry. A friend and I did these for those "special" men in our lives a couple of summers ago. We laughed so hard that day, dreaming up yet more new and exciting ways to irritate them! Her husband thought they were a hoot and proceeded to wear his. My guys... well that was a different story. My youngest got a laugh out of them and eventually wore them (as a last resort)if he ran out of clean laundry. My older one and my husband were horrified by them. I was rather shocked to find these, in the laundry this week. My husbands found their way to the trash long ago, and my youngest lives 3000 miles away! Hummmmm Someone must be holding out their laundry on me!! But after next weekend, it won't be my concern. He will be moving into his own house and his the laundry responsibilities will fall on someone other than me!! Oh Darn! :-) Guess that gives me more time to do the stitching that I love so much.

I took a wonderful class the past 3 weeks, for a Christmas tree wall hanging. We ended it yesterday with practicing free motion quilting. We played on scrap fabrics and I was amazed at what fun we had. I put some of the techniques to work on a Christmas quilt that I finished up last night. Hope to stitch the binding down and have it posted real soon!

Hope your holiday projects are coming along. The clock is ticking!


  1. LOVE those briefs! I would think your hubby would be proud to wear them . . .


  2. hi ya, yep winter days and nights are great for stitching, we are supposed to be heading into summer, but I have been in Dunedin the past week, and it has been so cold,real brisk. Hoping for some warmer Twizel sun this week, while I unpack


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