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Friday, December 11, 2009

My Christmas Quilt

Here it is my Christmas Quilt 2009. One of my favorite Art to Heart quilt patterns, "I Believe". It's a color combination that I have never used and I love it. For those who might be interested they are having a little contest on Quilting Gallery. I would love for you to take a look at the choices and vote for your favorite.

There are 2 catagories and you can scroll thru the choices. Mine is in the large quilt catagory. I promise no graveling. Vote for your favorite, what ever it may be!  :-)  They are "all" just wonderful.

Now on another note, we had a shock of a kind here today. My new little kitty Murphy was found to not be a boy today. That's what happens when you let your husband get a pet. He believes whatever his friend tells him. (of course I never really checked it out either)  :-)  :-)  So now I have a little girl kitty with a rather strange name for a girl. But then I do remember a Murphy Brown from a day's gone by TV show. Gheez do we all look stupid in this house or what?????  It sure gave us all a big ole laugh this afternoon!
Have a good weekend, and I hope your all just about ready for the holidays in 2 weeks. Yikes, I gotta get a move on it.


  1. Love the quilt! And Happy Holidays to you, too!


  2. I love your quilt...and I voted for you!

    How could you not know that the cat was not a female?????? Better still, who discovered it?

    Have a great week!


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