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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm so sad

No more Free Lunch Cafe. It is so much fun to play with different techniques every month, but I know it was a ton of work for Linda, and I want her to know that we will all miss her classes and appreciate everything she has shared with us. I wish you the best and hope that life will allow for you to come back to us when and if time permits.

This is one of my projects from Free Lunch Cafe. We printed photos on either dryer sheets or fusible web. I didn't have much luck with the fusible web. It jammed in my printer and cause me to say some lovely things to it!  :-) We placed a piece of fabric behind the dryer sheet (or web) and then had an interesting print left on the fabric from the ink that wasn't absorbed by the dryer sheet or web.  Two distinctly different textures from one step. This has some VERY interesting possibilities! I used my playing around fabric from the paintstick class I took a couple of weeks back, in the project too. Amazing what comes out of basically nothing.

Now I need to dream up something to do with the fabric photo here. Any ideas for me?????


  1. Oh, gosh, Joan, this is so pretty! I can see it fused to a periwinkle background and free-motion quilted all around, including the lines of the flower. It's really beautiful.


  2. I sure have had fun playing with all these new techniques. Love your idea with the periwinkle. I'll keep you posted on my project!


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