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Thursday, February 18, 2010

St Patty's Day Swap

Another wonderful swap with the Quilted Table Yahoo Group. This time was a St Patty's day theme candle mat swap. My friend Viki in Australia sent this beautiful little mat to me. She adapted an image from Google Images and turned it into an applique design. HUMMMMMMM.... I haven't heard of Google Images before, but I am certainly going to do some investigating and see what it's all about. Nothing I like better than more online inspiration.  Thank you Viki for a wonderful package. She sent along sticky notes, a Shamrock pin, some adorable little embroidered embellishments a Green fat quarted and the cutest little panel with country animals on it. My thinking cap is on, for ideas using the panel!  Hope you all have a good week, and take a look at Google images for some inspiration too!


  1. Very pretty.
    What size is a candle mat? Sounds like an interesting project to try out.

  2. It's about 15 inches square. I just love it. Viki did a wonderful job on it for me!


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