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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day

A little more practice free hand machine quilting, and these little projects are just the ticket. Fast fun and  easy! Could you ask for more?                                     Had a wonderful time at the sewing expo last weekend. The class with Mark Lipinski was wonderful. He taught is how to sew curves with no pins. What a treat, and it worked out quite nicely. The mystery quilt ended up being  5 different blocks that you could create about a million quilt designs from. What fun to see everyone's fabrics, and the designs they came up with on their design walls. It was so inspiring. I just can't seem to quit playing with the blocks. I guess I will know what design, my top is destine for, when I can't find another combination to play with. Need less to say Mark is hilarious. I had a 7 hr class with him and then attended a 2 hr talk later that night that ran way over 2 hrs. He was so funny, that we laughed until we were about all in tears. If you get the chance to take a class or hear him speak, do so.  It will be the best time you can possibly have!  The photo below is of Mark and the quilt is not mine, but a design that I just loved!
 I also took a class in Shiva Paintsticks. I have bought a ton of them a few years back, but have never opened them. Not sure if it was fear or ignorance, but they are sure fun to play with. I am so glad I took the class and broke into those lusious packages. While we just played with different techniques and rubbing plates. I did come home with a few pieces of fun fabrics from it all and I managed to cut one up for a little art project this week. I'll show you that in a few days here.    

My heart goes out to those on the east coast that are getting the feet of snow. I have been working at the airport with some that have tried to get home for days. It looks like they are going to have to spend a little more time in our mile high city before they can get back to their homes. Geesh, who knew they wouldn't have to come to Colorado for that big ski weekend. Could have had it in their front yards!                                                                    


  1. I took a mystery quilt class with Mark at MQX last year, and he is hysterical! He was the banquet speaker, and he was the funniest person I've ever heard speak!

    I'm one of those east coasters getting buried- my power just came back on after 4 hours of being off.


  2. Holly I am sending you warm wishes and hoping that the snow stops and you all get dug out soon. Thank goodness the power is back on. I remember being without for 4 days once. It was horrible! Take care!

  3. Absolutely fabulous quilting on your first piece shown here, Joan -- you go, girl! And if you have the chance to share what you learned about the paintsticks, I'd be happy to read about it.



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