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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Wow all the wonderful new toys for blogging, made me want to give my home a little face lift. The tech-ie that I am "not" took a good part of the day to accomplish this, only to find that I was really trying to make things harder than they really were.  Ah the joys of an old mind!  :-) Kids would have had this figured out in about 10 minutes!

I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I really didn't get much sewing done. I took 2 quilt tops to work on, only to mail them back never having been touched. I did some shopping for fabrics for 2 more quilts and a backing, so needless to say my luggage was very overweight, hence the mail option. Delta has made that second bag fee so steep that the Post Office is a bargain anymore.

The lodge my son works at, moved their office this winter and were in need of a curtain for a closet. We decided that a topper was in order, so I took up this, to see how it would work. They seemed very pleased with it so I bound it and made up the curtain while I was up there. This was adapted from the book "Toppers" from Possibilities. The idea is, that you can make 1 quilt and then make up mini quilts and  toppers to lay across the pillows or foot of your bed and change them out for seasons or themes. I bought the book many moons ago, and it surfaced when I was looking for something with a lodge look. It got me to thinking, what a great idea that really is. There are just so many full size quilts that one can use, but we always want to update and change things out. The economy is tough right now, so what a great way to be able to keep quilting, keep a budget and have new and fun projects we can work on then put on our beds. I am going to be doing some serious thinking on this idea. I love changing things out and what a great way to do it!

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