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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's Way

What  better way to celebrate, than with "Esther, the Easter Chicken"!  For those of you who are "Quilt Show" members, Carolyn Hughey was generous enough to share this adorable little pattern with us. I just had to get it done for the holiday. Is that a face only a mother could love!!!!  Scalloped edges was a first for me, and I have a long way to go, but it was a fun little personal challenge. It's still not too late to get this little gal done for Sunday!  It will surely bring many smiles.

Check out the new button on the left side of my blog. Another Little Quilt Swap4. What a great way to swap with many quilters across the globe. Read up on the Rules and see if it's for you. I can hardly wait to start my project.

May the weekend bring a wonderful Easter for you all. If you live on the East coast, I sure hope it stops raining soon. It looks like it went right from snow to rain. There has to be a break in sight soon!  Keep as dry as possible!


  1. I just love Esther -- she looks confused, but proud of herself (I can relate to that).

    Here in New York, we have four seasons: Pre-Winter, Winter, Post-Winter, and Unbelievably Hot. I guess all this rain is just part of the Post-Winter season. Frankly, I'm ready for a change.

    Happy Easter, Joan!


  2. Loved this table runner. What is Quilt Show? I can't find an "email me" button on your blog, so asking here. Meanwhile at long last in Tennessee the sun has come out and the trees are starting to bloom, the peonies are on their way up, daffies are in all their glory. Have a happy and blessed Easter. Lavinia

  3. Thanks for the suggestion of a button, I did change the Quilt show to a link in the post!


  4. This quilt is so adorable! My friend raises chickens and I told her that I saw the perfect quilt for her Easter decorations. I have to buy the pattern!

  5. I hope you will post your progress on your ALQS quilt here for me to see. You never know - it might end up coming my way!

  6. this is adorable. did you design it??

  7. Hi Joan, I must be having a senior moment, but I don't see the new swap button!(I was just taking a little break from making Esther myself! Funny I see her here!)


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