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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winter Mini Swap

There is really nothing like coming home to find a beauty like this in your mailbox. Melody in Florida sent me this absolutely gorgeous Winter Mini Quilt. She designed it herself and I have to tell you this photo does NOT do it justice. It sparkles and she has used glow in the dark thread, so at night it is just awesome to look at.  Swapping with all these wonderful quilters has been so enriching for me. I am always thrilled when another swap finds it's way to my mailbox. Melody you can't imagine how special I feel becoming the new owner of your wonderful treasure. I will take good care of it for you and you can bet I am going to brag to everyone I know that it's mine, all mine!  :-) If you want to join in on our wonderful swaps, Quilting Gallery.com is the place to visit.  I also participate in the Quilted Table Yahoo group. Check these both out, you won't be sorry!

Now, dare I brag that in addition to the incredible "Quiltie", Melody also sent me all these wonderful toys! Wow Melody, I feel like I won the lottery!  I can never thank you enough!
I was able to breath a sigh of relief that Cheri, the new owner of the mini quilt I sent off was happy with her "Snowman" that I sent her. It is so tough when you mail off something. You just hope that your work is good enough, or that the colors are something they will like, etc, etc. Why is it that we all are so critical of our own work, and fall in love with everyone elses?????  Now there is a thought to ponder this week! 


  1. There is no critic greater or louder than the self-critic. That's why I think we join groups of like-minded spirits -- we stop each other from being too judgmental about our own works. I'm certain that Cheri loved her piece as much as you loved yours!


  2. Thanks Diane! What a wonderful thought. :-)

  3. I took my wonderful snowman quilt to quilt guild last week to show it off. Everyone marveled at the beautiful work that you do! They all were amazed at your detailed free motion quilting. I'm so glad that it is mine! It's such a special treat to have someone elses work. Thanks again so much!


  4. Thanks Cheri I am very happy to hear that it found a good home. I am having a great time free motion quilting, and can hardly wait until the next class.


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