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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Sucka" for a SALE

Send me a Dharma catalogue and tell me about a "sale" and it's all over with this girl!!!  While I am not too sure if it was the combo of those two, or their dynamite deals on "Muck" dyes with catchy names, whatever it was, I had to have them!  The sun was shining yesterday and it was almost 80 degrees, so I donned the traditional ratty shorts and sleeveless dyeing attire and headed outdoors. These are the wonderful results of yesterdays labor. :-)  From the top down we have Mild Wing Sauce, Pepto Dismal, Varicose Violet, Wet Rhino, Spray-on Tan, and How Now Brown Cow. With those names can one really go wrong? Dharma tells us, that the dyes are not up to their standards, so they sell them very cheaply! I happened to love the results, standards or not, and would have had to have the dyes with names like this anyway. What a marketing bonanza for them!  :-) Allowing them to be named by their members on Facebook brings a whole new meaning to social networks doesn't it? :-) 
I just can't get enough of playing with dyes. I dyed a full yard of fabric of each color, then after 30 minutes I pour off the remaining dye into a plastic beer cup with a fat quarter mushed into it. That way I get 2 different colors from the dye bath. Many are just a shade lighter but in some cases, you will see a tremendous change like in the Wet Rhino color. I wasn't expecting the slate blue color that resulted from those leftovers! Whatever the results, I am hooked and very sad that it is just too cold today to go out and play some more!  :-)   My dyeing mop up rag even has some interesting potential don't you think?

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  1. What fun you had! And what great results! I keep telling you that you have to sell these!



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