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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Had a chance to escape and find some inspiration last week. There is nothing better than taking a friend and spending a week vacationing and quilt showing. We went to MQX in Providence Rhode Island. Since neither of us had ever been to Rhode Island before it was the perfect time to take advantage of this show. On a tip from a co-worker we went down to Newport first. Wow, wow!! I have no words for how spectacular Newport is. If that isn't inspiration enough in itself, I have no idea what would be. This town is not only filled with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, but is loaded with Mansions and there is a fabulous 3 1/2 mile Cliff Walk between the backyards of these wonderful manions and the ocean.
Mid town is a page right out of Norman Rockwells drawing books.              

Now this is a place I could live! I am thinking that I could probably move my quilt studio quilt nicely into this place. There might even be enough room for all my "Stash"!  Maybe that is! :-)     And when was the last time you actually saw a real working fix-it shop? In this throw away world I found this very refreshing.                         Captivated with the roofs on some of these places.
Now on a more serious side, this really would be my preferance for a new dig!  This manions is a Vanderbilt Mansion, built in 1890 for 11 Million Dollars!!!!!!!!! It has hard for me to wrap my head around that figure in todays world, no less the 1800's.. Really did they even have that much paper to print it all on in those days????? The tour thru it was unbelievable, and definately one of the highlights of my trip. Sadly though, you could not photograph the inside. There are no words to even begin to tell you how spectacular it is on the inside. For as beautiful as the outside is, it's nothing compared to inside. Yet the town has many many of these old wonderful places.

Now lets talk food!!!Lobster Rolls  :-) Shrimp Pizza. Just to die for.
Lobster Sliders. Now you haven't lived until you replace those hamburger slider for Lobster!
Yeah ok, I am back to the real world today and back to watching what I eat, but it was all worth every bite last week!  I will get settled and share some of my MQX experience next time! Til then, plan your visit to Newport! You won't be sorry. :-)

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