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Monday, May 17, 2010

Satin Quilting

You haven't heard much from me lately, but I've been burning the midnight oil, so to speak finishing up a couple jobs. One of them here, is a beautiful satin quilt that was quite the challenge for me. Not being much of a garment sewer, I had completely forgot how difficult satin can be to stitch on. Man is that slippery stuff! But a suggestion from a friend to try out the quilt basting spray was the perfect answer for this quilt. It sure did cut my work down in half once I used that. My ex-neighbor gal and friend for the past 30 years made these beautiful embroidered blocks and asked me to set them in a satin quilt for her grandmother. They had made a similar quilt for her Mom a few years back.
I used big fluffy batting and tied it by hand with satin bows and pearls. I finished it off with a battenberg lace label on the back of it. Do you have any idea just how hard it is to find battenberg lace doily's anymore???? I had no idea it would be such a challenge. I finally came up with one in my stash of miscellaneous things in my sewing room. There was not one to be found in any store I checked on. I guess they are from a day gone by, too! That is sad, because they are so pretty.      Anyway this beauty gets delivered to grandma this week. I am sure there will be a few tears along with that special delivery. Now that's what quilting is really all about, isn't it!  :-)       Hope you have a great week planning your next project, that will be bring a few tears for someone special too!


  1. Joan, you did a beautiful job! I'm not usually a frilly, frou-frou person, but this is just lovely! Lucky recipient!

  2. Joan, I don't think I've ever seen this type of quilt before. And it's been ages since I've seen a tied quilt, but it is very fitting here. My hat's off to you for working with silk! Greetings.


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