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Friday, May 28, 2010

MooseStash Quilt

While I do apologize for the photo of this quilt, I do have to say, it has become one of my favorite projects lately. A bear skin rug was stolen off the wall at the lodge my son works at. What was left was an image of where it had been, left on the log wall, from years of the sun shining on it. Something was needed to take it's place and do some camouflage. This is what became of that challenge. I dyed fabrics to make the background, then used one of my favorite BigFork Bay Cotton Company patterns for the moose in the corner. A search of birch tree leaves, online found a great line drawing that I was able to enlarge for the leaves, and there we have it. I just didn't have my usual place to hang it, for the photo. Combining designs opens many new doors for quilting possibilities. Hope it stirred some ideas for you too! Enjoy  your Memorial Day weekend, and please take a moment to remember those who have fought to keep us safe!

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  1. What a generous and creative solution! This piece is really special -- everyone must have been so grateful to you!



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