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Monday, June 14, 2010

Blazing Stars

Here is my project from last week. Pieced, quilted and bound in a week. That is a record for me anymore. It was so much fun to see come together I just couldn't stop. Of course a weekend of thunderstorms, tornado's, hail and generally miserable weather made it nice to stay indoors and sew. This is a Kaye Wood design. I love the finished product, but I am less than enchanted with the $20  Star Maker ruler we had to buy to make it. It was way over priced to begin with, but then the center of the ruler is cut out???? I am sure there is a reason, since she has a multitude of patterns that utilize this ruler, but the hole in the middle catches on your fabrics as you move it and make for a big mess. Your cutting on bias edges as it is, so you don't want any movement, but good luck on that, with this ruler. No talking bad about Kaye, but give me a break!  :-)

The end is definitely worth the means for this quilt. I adapted my borders a bit. I didn't have enough of my hand dyed fabrics for it, so I pieced a row. Nothing like being able to adapt your needs. That's why I love quilting.

This week, I am going to be quilting quite a bit so hopefully I will have some new fun things to show you soon. Until then! Keep on stitchin!


  1. Wow, your quilt turned out fabulous! I love the hand dyed fabrics paired with the black.

  2. Pieced, quilted, and bound in a week??? Did you eat or sleep?? Wow, I am so impressed -- the quilt is great. And I like the new background color on your blog -- lovely design and good color for reading.


  3. A week!! I am impressed beyond belief. It is gorgeous. Love all the color gradations against the dark fabric.
    Love the new look for your blog.


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