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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dyeing for Class

The weather is so nice that I have been slaving away in the sun dyeing fabrics.

This is for a class tomorrow. With all the projects that I have started it seems silly to start more, but I am an addict, and have signed up for classes every other week for the next couple of months it seems.  After all, can you really have too many projects started?????    :-)

Here are the pieces, cut and ready for class. I can hardly wait to show you the finished project. It's a beauty!
Just today my husband asked me just what I was going to do with all the quilts I have made. He said they were all over the house as it is, and I am making more.  He suggested a garage sale with them. ARRRRGH! Men, what do they know!  :-)


  1. You're not alone, Joan -- I think we're all addicted to fabric. These new ones are terrific -- you have a gift for this.


  2. These fabrics are awesome! Wish you lived closer so you could teach me how to do this!!

  3. I'm with Judy! I would love to learn to dye some fabric, especially wool.


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