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Monday, July 19, 2010

More Hidden Wells

Oh that Alexander Henry. He has done it again. OR I guess I should say they have done it again. I'm guessing that there is not a little man named Alexander sitting in a corner, designing, off the wall designs.  It's probably my favorite fabrics on the market. Most are a little off color, just the way I like it, and some a little irreverent. Even better yet!  :-)  :-) Many push the envelope. Here is a new find, to me anyway. "The Ghastlies" that was released in 2009. I just happened to be in my local quilt shop as they were putting out their Halloween fabrics last week. With my passion for Hidden Wells right now, I just had to do something with this line of fabric.
Here is my latest little "Well" quilt. Who would use this Avocado green and pink in a Halloween print you ask? Well it is a little off the norm, but this line comes in the Green, a Pink, and the traditional Orange. I have to tell you the traditional just didn't ring my bell like the other 2 did. But we all have our own taste. I am so excited about these "hidden well" quilts that I am going to teach a class at my LQS. I have 4 others ready to be quilted. Gosh I bet it comes as no shock to you that I am, well, in Hidden well Heaven right now! I tried the same technique with just rail fence blocks and spent my day yesterday chopping up scraps to make a scrappy "well" quilt.
What next you ask?  Wait and see!


  1. Joan, I LOVE this! I think the colours suit it perfectly well- no pun intended! lol
    Can't wait to see what you are working on next!

  2. The avocado is really cool. I love the non-traditional!

  3. What a terrific combination of colors. And you used the fabrics perfectly in your arrangement. I would have been giggling the entire time I was working with this fabric -- what fun!



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