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Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Hidden Wells Crazy

It's been practice practice practice for me. I am busy figuring a time line for teaching a class. Just how much can we expect to accomplish is how many hours??????  Then there are the little things that I have managed to pick up along the way to make the project easier. Starch is a definite. The stiffer the better, and finally I think I have managed to find the answer for seam directions so these little babies lock together. I was ironing them at first, then discovered that if you just flip them down as you sew, it saves on a lot of heated finger issues!  :-)  Hopefully all these little discoveries are going to make it easier for my prospective students. Having never really taught a class before, I am not sure just what to do, or expect, but I would rather be way over prepared that under prepared.

In the mean time I have been playing with some different layout possibilities. It's provided me some great practice pieces for free motion quilting too. Some will become trunk show pieces and others, "well" friends (no pun intended there)
guess what you are getting.  :-)  :-)

This is such a fun little project and so little fabric is required, that I hope everyone takes a little time to put one of these together. It's a great scrap buster. Approximately 1/4 yard of 5 fabrics will make a nice table runner size quiltie.


  1. You've certainly been prolific with your Hidden Wells experiements!! I'm sure your students will enjoy the class and love seeing all the different examples you've made :)
    Helen in the UK
    fellow Stashbuster member

  2. Just a thought...I've been teaching for 10+ years, and when I first started, I think I talked way too fast. Trying to impress, probably. The slower you talk, the better the students will understand and not feel stupid. Have a great class!

  3. Excellent suggestion. I will definately keep that one in mind. I am going to write a tutorial and see how it goes then fine tune it before I start teaching. I think that might help work out some of the kinks early.


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