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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sewing Room

Yea Haw! My sewing machine "Tuxedo" arrived today from Germany. Like the timing could be better!!!!!  This week I decided enough was enough, and focused on cleaning out my sewing room adding some extra drawer space and straightening out my fabrics. I hate doing that, almost as much as cleaning bathrooms, but what are you gonna do, it has to be done!      :-)   It's such a good feeling once it's finished . I had hit the point where I couldn't find anything in my room anymore. Getting this package in the mail, was my little reward and icing on the cake today. There is a story behind the moose on my machine. I took the photo last month in Alaska while visiting my son. It was moose hunting season and it was in his yard. He had his rifle and a scope out, but decided it was not a legal moose at the same time some idiot on the road shot towards us, at the moose. Needless to say he missed the moose, but the bullet came scarily close to hitting my son. It landed just a couple of feet from him. It was a young kid who took off running and hid out in a house up the road. The state troopers took so long in getting there that once we left the driveway of the house the kid was hiding in, he bolted in his truck never to been seen again. It was all very nerve racking at the time, but ended well. I took this photo the day after and  hopefully this little guy is still walking the in woods somewhere up there.   

In all my cleaning I decided that I really needed some more drawer space my my machine, so I could keep my extra stuff in there and have the room on my table for my quilts as I pieced them. I toyed with the idea of the one of the craft stations that are on the market, but the $300 price range seemed like more than I was wanting to pay, so after shopping around, I decided on these closet drawers that you find at Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, etc. There are very inexpensive in comparison, and 2 sets worked just great where I wanted them. I am very happy with my find.
I am a fabric-holic, and I while I should be attending some kind of meeting somewhere, confessing my sins, I prefer to just enjoy my little vise. After all, we need some kind of vise in our lives don't we????   :-)  :-) My media center that I got last year at Best Buy seems to work out the best for me. I can stack plenty of fabric in it and see what I have, which is helpful when I'm working on projects. I used to have it all in closets, but things seemed to get lost in them, so I have come to like this arrangement better. While  refolding and straightening out things, I became  re-acquainted with some fabrics that I haven't seen for awhile and  it sure got my mind churning. Hummmmm! Wonder where this will take me... Stay tuned.  I hope this provides you some inspiration too.


  1. Looks GREAT! Now, could you come over and do my sewing area, lol?

  2. I had no idea they made tuxedos for sewing machines! You room looks so organized! I've been working on itty bitty applique, so mine is trashed as I search for the 'right' fabric for some tiny piece. You can come fold any day.

  3. What a scarey story...glad all turned out well. Love your stash....


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