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Monday, October 18, 2010

Which Witch

Another one of my wonderful "shop hop find" patterns. This little gem is from Crazy Old Ladies, if that name isn't as cute as the quilt, I don't know what is. They have even included a pattern for Christmas Elves legs too, and I can hardly wait to work on that one. All fusible applique and very fast and easy. I added the bows and Swarovski crystals to just "bling it up a little", like it really needed it.   I always use June Tailors fray block around the edges of my fusible applique, but have wondered if it really makes a difference. I know if it's just a wall hanging and won't be washed it doesn't make any difference, but I have decided to put it to the test and see what happens when it goes thru the wash. I will be making a couple of separate blocks and put one thru the washer and let you know how the results come out real  soon! Heck for the giggles, I just might make yet another and check out Fray Chek while I am at it too! Stay tuned.
 You can find Crazy Old Ladies at crazyoldladiesquilts.blogspot.com


  1. Hey Joan!

    LOVE your new profile picture, you look so great!

    And I just adore both of the Halloween projects you have shown us so far- they are just adorable!

    Girl, you make more quilts than anyone I know! I just cannot believe how productive you are!

  2. Oh,this is sooo cute!

    I look forward to the Fray Block test. Do you use it when you only fuse, or before/after stitching?

  3. I love it. I just gave my vote.
    I hope you win.

    Trick or treat ....

  4. I am trying to get the WITCH WITCH pattern shown above. Do you know if it is still available. The link at Crazy Ladies does not work. Thank you Kathy Smith

    1. Unfortunately you're a no reply blogger, so I have no way to getting back to you. If you google it, you will find it available on Etsy. I hope you see this comment.


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