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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shakin the dust off

It was almost 30 years ago, that I made up this pattern for my boys when they were little. I was certainly surprised that I remembered where the pattern was. I did a little updating on things, and now I am hearing complaints that their quilts didn't have construction trucks embroidered on them. What can I say my poor deprived boys had to have plain ole teddy bear sleeping bags. It tickled me, that one of them remembered taking the bags with them when I had a knitting machine classes and getting to sleep in the instructors guest room, while I learn to use the machine.Just about the time I don't think they remember anything, they surprise me!   :-)

If you look closely at the cover of this book, you will see that it cost a whoppin $2.00. Does that date me or what? When was the last time you were able to buy a brand new book for $2? I must say that patterns have improved tremendously. This one is written pretty strangely, and you had to enlarge your patterns on graph paper. YUCK.  Luckily, the 30 yr old paper pattern was in an envelope tucked into the book. It held up quite nicely and I was able to pin and cut and put away for the next time I need it.
My little whine of the week, is the price of cotton!!!!!!!!!!!  I haven't been in a fabric store for a month with the holidays and all, but whew, when I went on Saturday, I was in shock. Kona cotton is up to $7 a yard. Wasn't it just $4 a yard a month ago?  If there was ever a time to bust stash, and forget buying cottons for awhile, now is it! I am so glad that I had my coupons with me. I used them all too. For those of you who don't live in the US, I am guessing you thinking, what the heck is she grumbling about!  :-) What can I say, but I guess I'll be on  fabric diet this year. Maybe I should focus on finishing my half started pile like I keep threatening to do!  :-)


  1. Joan --Try getting Kona cotton on line -- the prices are much better than this. I bought some last year for $3.99/ yard from Hancock's of Paducah.

    I agree -- I DO miss the good old days!


  2. Love the teddy in the sleeping bag. Isn't that just perfect for boys?? Great pattern!
    I think I have to go back to the dark ages for a book at that price. And I DO remember having to graph out the patterns. That is definitely something I do not miss!
    And all I will say is $24 per metre/yard!! And our dollar is at parity with yours at the moment!!

  3. In Canada, I bought some fabrics on sale at our quilt shop, only because I know the prices are going up. Prices for one meter, which is about 3 inches more than a yard run from $16.00 to $20.00 or more.
    I'll post a photo of the fabric I bough yesterday on my blog. I bought 6 - 1/2 meters, (22inches) for $29.27. Canadian money is a par with the US dollar.
    Thank you for you comments on my blog. You are truly a good friend.


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