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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nook Color

I have to be the luckiest person in the world and I have a wonderful friend. Last fall when I was visiting her, she bought a Kindle E-reader. It really peaked my interest, but for myself, I wanted something in color. Something I could put all my wonderful quilt magazines on. Black and white was not going to fit that bill, and after some research online I found, Kindle wasn't going to consider a color version.

That was about all I thought about it until 2 weeks ago, then this mysterious box arrived in my mailbox. I hadn't ordered anything???? What the heck!  My good friend Laura, sent me a new Color Nook. She apparently had "not" forgotten what I had wanted.
Barnes and Noble just released this little guy and let me tell you, after playing around with it for a couple of weeks, I am in love! It is perfect for us quilters who can't seem to stop from pattern collecting. I love looking thru magazines, and like a mentioned a few posts back, I have managed to buy some, more than once I was so enchanted with something in them. Well, no more!!!! Not with this little baby. Can you say Digital Subscriptions???  Of yea! They are great. My first one is Quilters World for less than $16 a year. The digital version comes in a PDF file along with any patterns that would require anything printed to complete. Best yet, it gives you access to magazines clear back to 2006 and all their supporting files. I loaded the magazine into my Nook, and kept all the supporting files on my main computer to print out, when or if, I need them. Quilters World is my first stop in digital magazines, but Quilting Arts is going to be next, and any of the quilt magazines I can find that offer a digital version. I love the magazines that come out of Australia, but the postage is outrageous. I am so happy to have another option now. 

If you have any doubt about the color on this guy,
check this out. The screen saver is one of them that
 was preloaded in it. It's perfect for my love of the Pacific Northwest culture. It comes stock with 5G of memory and you are going to soon be able to buy a 16G card. The 2G, 4G and 8G are available now. Pretty cool huh?

I decided that I would make up this cover for it, last night. I dug thru my memory banks from a class I took with Gail Garber. Actually this one is a take- off on her new book cover "Flying Colors".  She taught us how to draft out the curved geese and piece them. I got up this morning and put this together. 

Gotta get back to downloading magazines. This is certainly addictive. Oh, and all those wonderful free patterns online that are PDF files, they can go on there too. I will have a plethora of resources at my fingertips. 
I see much more space available on my bookshelf, in the future. AQS is already starting to sell electronic versions of quilt books!!
Just a little FYI, you can also download music and photos into it. Is that great or what?

Laura, you and I have been friends for over 46 years, needless to say we have been thru everything in our lives together, and I am so blessed to have such a fantastic "BEST" friend!


  1. Wow!!!! What a wonderful friend!! Obviously one to treasure.
    What a briliant gadget, too. Thanks for explaining what you can do with it. It sounds VERY appealing.
    Love the cover you have made for it. That loooks great, too!!!!!

  2. Cool!!!!!!

    -Barnes & Noble nook color engineer

  3. I LOVE your cover. I have a the touchscreen Nook and a Kindle and love both. I just have plain covers though. I use my iPad or Touch if I need backlighting so I haven't moved to the color Nook.

  4. Check on the B&N site and it does say you can download graphics files--gives specific formats JPEG GIF, etc. Wondering if you can download machine embroidery designs--would be handy to take to the machine. How can I do further research? Harriet

  5. WOW! I have been waffling back and forth about getting a Nook, to begin with, and waffling about black and white or color. Today as I leafed through the new Quilter's World, i saw their ad for the digital subscription, so as I checked it out online to see if that meant the Nook, there was your blog! You have helped me to make the decision! I will continue to watch your blog in hopes of more suggestions since I will be a newbie with the Nook Color! Thank you so much...we are on our way to get it right now. And by the way, your cover is beautiful! How nice it would be to have all our information in one spot and not have to search constantly!


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