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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Get-A-Way

I would love to tell you that I came home looking just like these folks, but it just didn't happen!!!!  :-) I'm guessing by the looks of the Las Vegas strip, that many have been in  my shoes. Isn't that what paid for all the glam and glitz?? 

It was a fun weekend though, none the less. My friend and I managed to leave our hubby's in the casinos to loose their fortunes as we went quilt shop hopping. We found our way to 3 shops. My favorite of the trip was the Christmas Goose. They had the greatest wool applique quilts there. They also had the cutest Raggedy Ann type dolls with rusted bell hair and rusty nail noses. I managed to keep myself under control, although it was very tough. I came home with only 2 book, a couple of patterns and a fat quarter. Not to bad huh?  :-) Of course there are those special orders that will ship as soon as they come in, but they don't count. It wasn't in my suitcase and I am sticking to that story!!!  hahahahaha
I took this photo from the plane as we were about to land. I keep talking about photo quilting, and I have a ton of them to do, but they never seem to make it in the finished pile. Then there is all that art quilting I want to do. With luck, I will be able to combine the two and maybe just do some small journal quilts. Oh yeah a new goal. Maybe one I can stick to. Wish me luck!

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  1. So which one of the two photos on this post were you going to turn into a photo qilt???
    Don't answer!!!


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