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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another little Valentines Trivet Tuxedo

 Hope you all enjoyed my post at Stash Manicure. As I promised there will be a "Tuxedo" or two posted every month for a year. For those who love pieced blocks, here is another Valentines outfit just for you!

This block will be a 6" block so it will need a smaller sashing to fit the tile. I chose to make mine 1" and trim it down when it was done. It is just to difficult to work with pieces smaller than that. Remember we are needing a 7" square for a 6" tile.

So lets get started. 
For the background (mine is black) you will need 2,  2 7/8" squares cut once on the diagonal, and 1,  3 1/4" block cut twice on the diagonal.
The Red on my block requires 4, 2 7/8" blocks cut once on the diagonal. The Pink is 1,  3 1/4" block cut twice on the diagonal, and 1, 2 1/2" block for the center.

This will show you what it looks like once everything is cut.

And the layout for piecing.
Follow the original instructions for the trivet cover and your on your way!


  1. Hi Joan. I keep losing my comments.
    Great to see you over on Stash Manicure. The trivet was a fun idea.
    I was wondering where you were finding all the extra time to do the extra posts you have planned. Have you found a way to put more hours in the day??
    Congrats on the post!

  2. Saw you on Stash Manicure, congrats! Love this one too! When you put the flap and velcro on will it still lie flat on the table? Great tutorial!

  3. These are great. My kids will love. How did I follow you automatically, so I don't miss any of these?
    Nancy in IN

  4. Finished my Feb Tux! Thanks for sharing these!


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