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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do You EQ??

A friend of mine was playing with her new EQ7 and was able to figure out how to make this little quiltie for me. I have long admired this in a magazine photo. It was the perfect time for me to you my hand dyed fabrics. I have to admit when I was finished piecing it, I was less than excited about it. This was one of those quilts that the quilting makes the quilt. Once the quilting was done, I love it, but before that, it was just a blob of colors that seemed to run together.

I have EQ5 and I never did manage to make friends with it, even after taking classes for a few days. After reading what the new software can do, I am excited, but I need to go play with hers for awhile before I spring for new software. But I am really impressed that she was able to convert this quilt into a pattern.
Hummm, AQS has a great deal on the software if I just can decide if I really want or need it! Decisions Decisions.  :-)

I love the back as much as I do the front. It's a texture thing I think!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments over at Stash Manicure on Monday.  Kim from Wyoming was the lucky winner of the trivet, and it went into the mail to her today.  I look forward to sharing more clothes for them soon!

I ventured over to my home improvement store today for some 12" tiles, now that the temperature got up to 30 degrees. It was 14 below here yesterday, so I spent the day at my sewing machine, where it was nice and warm. I have to laugh at the marketing they do to get our attention. I bought 2 very plain boring tiles that they cleverly named Continental Beige. I guess you can dress up any bland thing and make it sound like your buying something very stylish and elegant!!!  :-)  Oh we live in a strange society, huh? :-)  :-)

Let me know how you like EQ7. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Great quilt. I just love the colours you have hand dyed. Beautiful.
    I am no help with EQ7. Don't have it!!
    Still trying to send some sunshine - it just won't get in the post pack!!!


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