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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cat out of the bag

It's official, my swap partner has received her runner and I can let the cat out of the bag and share it with you now. Mary sent me an email today saying it arrived safe and sound and she loves it.  Whew! That was a relief. When I went to box it up to mail, I realized that she had requested a table topper and I made a table runner. I offered to make up another for her and she declined saying she loved what she found in the box. I am so happy she liked it, but I was so irritated with myself for not reading things more carefully before I start something. Do you ever find yourselves only reading part way thru something then doing it wrong? It happens frequently when I am quiting too. That usually ends up in a ripping frenzy for me!!  ARRRRGH!   :-)  :-)

Anyway without further ado, here is the runner that Mary got. The theme was Spring/Easter, and Mary wanted a Spring theme. I was in Alaska the last  couple of weeks and found the boot. I knew right away that it was a perfect fit, to accessorize the table runner. I must confess, they are actually dog toys, that I have removed the squeaker from and cut the top off of. I have bought 2 others in the past just because I thought they were so cute. A quilt shop in Cooper Landing, was where I first saw it, and I  immediately went on a mission to find one for myself, being the Alaska junkie that I am.  This year proved to be more difficult to find them. Nothing on the Kenai Peninsula, but on a trip into Anchorage, I hit pay dirt!  Yippee!! Could it be, that this is really the hottest thing on the market? Hummm... Anyway, thanks Mary for the nice email, and I am so glad you liked your runner. May you enjoy it for years to come. PS: I hope the boot fits!  LOL

Added note: Yvonne asked about the pattern. It's from Calendar Quilts by Kim Schaefer. I did reduce it down a bit!


  1. Well that's just the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I'll be keeping an eye out for a dog toy boot here in Arkansas - it would be a great souvenir for when I have out of state company. :) blessings, marlene

  2. What an unusual but neat idea for a table setting!!!! Your table runner turned out beautifully!!!

  3. The full table runner design is wonderful. I really think you hit the mark with this for Spring. It is so bright and cheerful.
    Now what was that about reading the whole thing before starting something? Is that like reading instructions first before you do something?? I thought that only happened when everything else failed!!

  4. Where's mine? Whine, whine. I was your friend first, lol. Love the pattern, Joan. You are so clever. The whole package is wonderful. I tried to sneak it out of Mary's house Friday, but she always catches me. DRAT! Another outstanding swap from you.

  5. I love your table runner. Would you mind sharing where you got the pattern? I would love to make it.

  6. Yvonne, your a no reply blogger,so I can email you the information. Hope you check back here. It's from Calendar quilts by Kim Schaefer. I reduced the pattern down a bit. :-)

  7. Thanks Joan,

    I went and looked at the book. I like how you made the wall quilt into a runner. Thanks for getting the info on the book to me. Yvonne


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