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Friday, April 29, 2011

Notebook covers

I've found the joys making notebook covers. Not the kind that requires cords and electricity, the kind with real paper with lines inside. One you don't have to run to find a power source when you what to jot down a note!  Am I old, or is this such a novel idea?  I prefer to call it going green!  Don't argue the whole greenhouse effect from making paper, etc, I  know!! But I can still dream!!  :-)

These fun little organizers have so many fun pockets some with zippers and even a pen holder in the middle. I've added a clean plastic piece on the front on one of the pockets to drop my business card in too. It's perfect for taking notes at a quilt meeting. Even makes a darn good sketch book too. The pattern is called Daily Doodler and is from This & That Patterns
You will find it under the charms section of patterns. The front is made of charm squares and is a fun way to use up those 5" squares. They have some really cute patterns on their site, I am off to go shopping!  :-)


  1. I made one for my GD for Christmas and she loves it. She loves to write and uses it to keep her notes in. I called mine a 'padfolio' and added pockets, too. I made one for myself in the 5 X 7 size and keep it next to my chair for jotting things down as I think of them. Love your colors!

  2. Very Cool Joan! I just bought a pad of grid paper to jot down quilt ideas as I have them... Maybe I'll make myself one of these little gems.

    Take Care,

  3. What a great idea! You have done a lovely job on these, nicely put together!!!


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