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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers Trivet Cover

April showers bring May flowers. I know many of you have had much more than showers, and are probably about done with all the rain. I hope you are safe from the flooding and horrendous storms. Here in Colorado, though we continue to be very dry. Forest and grass fires are a constant worry. Mother Nature sure hadn't been kind to any of us it seems this year.

      Lets focus on something a little more positive... Like a lovely  "May"  Flowers Trivet Cover this month.

                                       For this we are going to cut the following:

                                             Background (mine is purple)

                                             1  -  1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangle
                                             1  -  1 1/2" square
                                             2  -  2 7/8" squares cut on the diagonal once
                                             3  -  2 1/2" squares

                                               Flower (mine is floral print)

                                             1  -  2 7/8" square cut on the diagonal once
                                             2  -  2 1/2" square

                                          Flower center (mine is yellow print)
                                              1  -  1 1/2" square

                                                  Leaves  (mine are green)
                                              1  -  2 7/8" square cut on the diagonal

                                     NOTE: my photo shows more, I got carried away!

                                                  Sashing to make 7" square

                                                Here's the assembly order.                    

And there you have it. Your very own spring-y, tile tux!!  :-)

Note the new link for our Flicker group. When you have completed your Tux's, add them to the photos. We all love to see each others works of art!!!   Enjoy...


  1. Lovely and springy. And I love the purple fabric. So much so that I have some on my shelf. :)

  2. Your generosity is wonderful. Thanks for the great ideas and wonderful tutorials. happy May

  3. So cute! And my first flower of spring!


  4. Very nice! I've been so busy I didn't get last month done...maybe today I'll get started on this on!


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