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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soap box/Blogger Fix

Yep, I'm on my soap box. I hate flakes.  You know those who sign up for swaps and don't come thru on their end. Our little Quilted Table group is such a great group of people that it's hard when ONE person flakes out and an unsuspecting member is stuck with nothing in return.

That's just what happened on our spring swap. Worse yet, if my memory serves me correctly, this person flaked out in a post card group a few years back also. As for the post card, I let go. It could have easily gotten lost in the mail, but enough is enough. 

My experience as quilters is, that we are a very giving bunch. Most of us work on charity quilts to bring comfort to those in need, etc, etc. Their are, thank goodness, many many, who are more than willing to share their time and talents with us all. That's the charm of this wonderful community.

 When I heard about this wrong, I couldn't stand it and decided to make it right for the person effected.  So...  Here you go Donna, this went in the mail today. Sorry it had to happen to you, but we are still a great group and we take care of each other.  As for you "DF" and you know who you are...  shame on you. I do believe in "karma" and what goes around "will" come around.  :-)

On a brighter note. It seems like one of our fellow blogger has found a way to work around a bloggers issue. Check out this post over at Fabric Therapy. It worked for me. Now the other issue I seem to be having is that I can't add links or photos to my posts when I am on AOL. I have to get into Explorer to do so. Thats has never happened before!!!  One foot forward 2 steps back!  :-)

I am sewing like a maniac, and should have some fun things to share soon. In the mean time, I am wishing the folks over at blogger the best with fixing the issues so we can all get back to some kind of normal! I am sure it is no easy task.


  1. It was very kind of you to right the wrong - and what a pretty gift Donna will receive because of that kindness! I make sure I don't sign up for more than I can handle because I certainly don't want to be one of those flakes.

  2. Beautiful gift and beautiful creator!

  3. Now you are a sweetie to do this! It is frustrating when people don't hold up their end of a swap!
    You can jump up on your soap box as often as you like!!

  4. What a kind and thoughtful act!!! You will be rewarded yourself some day! I'm sure Donna will treasure what you have made for her!!!

  5. You've done it again, Joan! You created a masterpiece and a loving gift for Donna (who certainly deserves it). Thank you so much for being the "angel" of our group this time. You have more than earned your place in Heaven.

  6. As a potential flake I am very careful what I sign up for. I know myself and sometimes I just get too busy with life and trying to make a living so I only sign up when I can do it right now and send it. Nice of you to take care of the one who missed out.

  7. How nice you are to do this for this person. I too believe what goes around comes around.

  8. what a beautiful replacement piece you have made - you are truly an angel! As you say, quilters are a good bunch, and luckily the flakes are few


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