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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quilt Album

I bragged about the wonderful new quilt documentation program that I bought awhile back. I am so thrilled with it, that I have decided to become a Quilt Album Ambassador. I have logged over 150 quilts into this great program already. It allows me to keep a record of my quilts and save a little history on them too. It's a great way to keep track of my swap quilts too. Those special treasures, a complete stranger pours their love into and mails away. I never want to forget where they have come from.  I sure so wish I had taken time to photograph all my quilts, but it's a live and learn world for us all. Starting with this great program here, will help you to never loose track of one of your creations again, and what better way to share our legacy's with future generations.

Once you have your quilts logged in, you can print out the pages if you like, on full or half sheets, printing as much or little of the documentation as you choose.

 Also you can use the photos to make 2 sizes of greeting cards, business cards and even return address labels. Now how cool is that?  Please check it out here and be sure to enter BBR-UK for a $5 discount! You can also find a permanent link on my right side bar. Hop on over and give it a look. I think you'll find you love it!  :-)  :-)


  1. What a fascinating program!!! I have taken a look at the demo video! Thanks for sharing this wonderful application!!!

  2. I actually had a look at the demo too. Very interesting!


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